Ross Video and Merging Technologies Partner to Foster AES67 and ST 2110 Audio Networking Implementation

October 24 2018, 00:35
Ross Video and Merging Technologies have announced a collaboration to integrate Ross Video products, including the recently-launched BACH Liberty board, into Merging’s ANEMAN Audio Network Manager solution, thus creating a “full stack” solution enabling manufacturers that have already adopted the Dante Brooklyn II module to quickly and easily plug into new markets and support Ravenna, AES67 and ST 2110 audio networking.

The agreement will initially see the ANEMAN Audio Network Manager software complementing Ross Video’s recently introduced BACH Liberty module in offering an AES67/Ravenna audio networking solution to the marketplace that is plug-in compatible with the popular Dante Brooklyn II module. This “full stack” solution, with easy audio network management and monitoring, enables manufacturers that have already adopted the Dante module to quickly address new markets requiring full AES67 and ST 2110 compliance today using a combination of the BACH Liberty module and the ANEMAN software.
Both companies have agreed to create an open network control and monitoring framework based on the ANEMAN Engine and hosted on GitHub, to enable innovative workflows to be developed by an ecosystem of independent contributors. Commenting on the agreement, Nestor Amaya, VP of Infrastructure at Ross Video, is excited by the possibilities. “I believe that many markets have been thirsting for this integration of open technologies, and I expect that we can build on this project to ultimately create a platform that is to the live media networking world what Linux has been to the world of computing”. 

Claude Cellier, CEO of Merging Technologies, echoes the sentiment. “We are delighted to see Ross Video join the ANEMAN Network Management ecosystem which will allow all main Open AES67 based solutions to interoperate on a unified software platform”.
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