Knowles Introduces Analog MEMS Microphone with 70 dB SNR for Voice and ANC Applications

October 13 2017, 04:00
Knowles continues to expand its audio input technology product portfolio, as voice increasingly becomes the primary user interface for Internet of Things (IoT) devices and hearable applications. The company announced its new SPM0687LR5H-1 analog MEMS microphone with 70 dB Signal-to-Noise (SNR), for far-field connected audio solutions, such as voice recognition, and active noise cancelling (ANC) headphone applications. 

"Consumers are seeking voice activation across a broader range of devices and applications – and the need to do so from greater distances in various environments," says Greg Doll, Vice President of Product Management at Knowles. "An array of tightly matched Knowles’ 70 dB SNR microphones improves far-field voice recognition, ideal for smart speakers, displays, cameras, home security and more."

"As the world’s largest turnkey MEMS microphone supplier serving the mobile, ear, and IoT markets, Knowles has a strong focus on customer support and success," adds Doll. "Our unique technologies and products leverage our proprietary manufacturing techniques and global scale, and enable us to deliver high quality, performance, and value to our customers."

The new Knowles SPM0687LR5H-1 MEMS microphone, provides 70 dB (A) SNR with 130 dB Acoustic Overload Point (AOP), providing a large dynamic range for barge-in applications, while +/-1 dB matching between devices allows enhanced multi-mic array performance. Its low phase distortion lends to superior ANC algorithm performance, and the differential mode configuration improves noise immunity to power supply variations, allowing extension of microphone PCB traces.

The bottom-port analog MEMS microphone also features a high acoustic overload point which improves barge-in performance across devices. In addition, its flat frequency response improves algorithm performance, ideal for active noise cancellation headsets. Typical applications include microphone arrays for voice enabled smart home hubs, voice-enabled home/industrial devices (thermostats, bulbs, fans, remote controls, TV), Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) Headsets, speakerphones, and teleconference systems.

"Our focus and investment in microphones is enabling our broader audio strategy which combines leading edge acoustics with digital signal processing and algorithms to solve our customers’ most difficult challenges in the mobile, ear and IoT markets," states Jeffrey Niew, President and CEO of Knowles. "We remain uniquely positioned across these end markets and well aligned with our customers’ roadmaps to deliver best-in-class audio input solutions for their next-generation platforms."

This MEMS microphone is currently sampling and will be ready for mass production in Q1 of 2018.™-surface-mount-MEMS
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