Hypex Electronics Introduces New NCORE Amplifier Family for Active Speakers

December 5 2019, 01:50
Hypex introduces the NCAS500MP. The first member of an all new NCORE family of amplifiers specifically designed for 2-way Active Speakers. From Pro-Audio solutions, High-End HiFi speakers to Studio monitors, with the proven NCORE technology the NCAS500MP can be used for all active speaker designs. With a power rating of 400 + 100W in 8 ohm it is very powerful for its size.
NCAS500MP is the first of a new family NCORE modules optimized for 2-way active speakers. 400W + 100W in 8 ohms.

The NCAS series have much similarities to our NCxxxMP series. The same standby power supply (meets 2013 ERP Lot 6 0.5W requirements), universal mains and completely pin compatible by using our known H-Box and H-Bus connectors. While the NCxxxMP is designed for multipurpose solutions, the NCAS family is specially designed for active speakers so footprint and price can be kept to a minimum.

Combine the NCAS500MP with our MP-DSP to get a complete active speaker setup. Future family members are the NCAS250MP (200+50W) and NCAS1000MP (800+200W).

It is Hypex’ s ultimate goal to bring High-End HiFi audio quality to all audio markets regardless of budget. With the NCAS family introduction we are a big step closer to achieve this goal.

For more info contact us at sales@hypex.nl or check out our website www.hypex.nl
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