Hypex Electronics Introduces New NCAS500MP Active Speaker Amplifier Module

April 12 2017, 03:10
Dutch power amplifier and DSP specialist Hypex Electronics has been updating its vast product range at such an impressive pace that's hard to keep track. Among the many new modules in its Class D NCore amplifier range, Hypex introduced the new NCAS500MP module, high efficiency two-channel (400W and 100Wrms at 4 Ohm) solution for active speakers. This module will be soon joined by the new NCAS1000MP with two 800Wrms and 200Wrms channels.
A prototype of the new Hypex NCAS500MP dual channel amplifier module. 
The back plate of the new NCAS500MP dual channel amplifier module.

Hypex was founded in 1996 by Jan-Peter van Amerongen as a supplier of plate amplifiers for live sound loudspeakers. The products drew the attention of hi-fi speaker manufacturers, resulting first in a line of active subwoofer amplifier subassemblies, shortly followed by multichannel units with active cross-over filters for the studio market. 2003 saw the start of a complete migration to class D. For this purpose the newly invented 'Universal Class D' technology was expanded through a licence deal with Philips, later followed by its own class leading NCore technology. Hypex decided not only to use UcD and NCore in end-user products, but also to offer it to the market as general-purpose amplifier modules, used now by many big name brands, with NCore becoming strongly established in extreme High-End applications. For the DIY market Hypex also has a range of amplifiers in all power categories.

Today, Hypex Electronics designs and manufactures high-performance Class D power amplifiers, power supplies and DSP solutions for the professional, high-end and DIY audio industry, based on its NCore and UcD technologies. The company's catalogue includes also a range of switch mode power supplies (SMPS), active speaker plate amplifiers and an extensive range of high-end audio solutions, including analogue circuit and DSP designs. 

Well-established in the OEM market, Hypex is reputed for many projects developed in close cooperation with many known brands, often providing complete solutions that include loudspeaker and system control. At the same time, Hypex' recent focus seems to be in general-purpose power amplifier/supply module development, expanding its portfolio extensively. The company is also updating its complete range of OEM DSP modules, planned to be released Q2 2017.
Hypex has been expanding considerably its Ncore based NCxxxMP amplifier module range, as we can see in the picture. On top we can see the new Fusion Amp plate amplifiers.

The Hypex Ncore range of Class-D amplifiers combines the stability of UcD with improved load-independence, lower distortion and lower output impedance. In its Ncore NCxxxMP amplifier module series, Hypex incorporates a low power standby power supply that meets 2013 ERP Lot 6 0.5W requirements, a highly efficient switch mode power supply and the Class D amplifier circuit in one compact and easily applicable solution. These are used in a wide range of audio applications, ranging from public address systems to ultrahigh-fidelity systems for studio and home use, providing flat frequency response irrespective of load impedance, nearly frequency independent distortion behaviour and very low radiated and conducted EMI. Control is based on a phase shift controlled self-oscillating loop taking feedback only at the speaker output.

The main SMPS providing the power for the amplifier is a compact, high power, highly efficient, regulated half bridge converter with synchronous rectification on the main output rails, ideal for powering Class D audio amplifiers. To achieve universal mains input compatibility the SMPS features an automatic input voltage doubler.

With the Ncore NCxxxMP range being available and well received in the market, Hypex now introduced the new NCAS500MP amplifier module to expand the family. The additional letters "AS" stand for Active Speaker. This dual channel, mains powered module is specifically designed for application in modern active speakers, featuring a high-power 400Wrms and a 100Wrms amplifier channel. The range will also be expanded with a 800Wrms and 200Wrms channel amplifier, model NCAS1000MP, later in the year, providing a strong foundation for 2-way designs.

Highlights in the new NCAS500MP/NCAS1000MP modules include a very high efficiency, flat, fully load-independent frequency response, low output impedance, very low frequency independent THD and very low noise. The low weight modules feature auto-switching 115/230V universal mains operation with a 5W standby SMPS, advanced over current protection, and external control operation, ideal for studio monitors, hi-fi systems and demanding installation speakers.
Some of the new Fusion Amp plate amplifiers displayed at Prolight+Sound 2017.

During Prolight+Sound 2017, Hypex also showcased its new Fusion Amp plate amplifier range with 8 different models, ranging from low power single channel to high power 3-channel solutions, applicable in a wide variety of pro audio applications. Hypex intends to release the complete series gradually until Q3 2017, starting with the FA501 (1x500W), F502 (2x500W), F503 (2x500W + 100W tweeter) and F122 (2x125W) models, which were displayed in prototype at the Frankfurt show.

All the new FA amplifier plates feature superior AD and DA conversion and combine analog XLR+RCA inputs, analog XLR through, USB (HFD compatible), built-in programable presets, volume potentiometers and high-level input in the one channel models, with limiters, signal and clip indicators, and over-temperature protection. The multichannel models will feature also digital inputs (optical, AES/EBU and S/PDIF) and digital outputs (AES/EBU and S/PDIF).
In the picture we see a new range of input boards for Hypex DSP platform, including Ethernet ports and USB, side by side with UcD OEM amplifier modules.
A complete range of switch mode power supplies is available to complement all Hypex amp modules.
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