HEAD acoustics Promotes Free Online Seminar on "Optimizing Listening Effort of Communication Devices"

August 18 2020, 01:10
Using a communication device in noisy environments increases the effort needed to listen and understand the received speech signal. Since this (near-end) noise cannot be reduced, various techniques are applied in different devices: Active noise cancellation (ANC) in headsets, various types of near-end listening enhancement (NELE) in handsets and hands-free and in-car communication (ICC) systems in vehicles. Qualification and optimization of these implementations is key for market success and a good user experience. To give an overview over challenges and advantages of evaluating listening effort of communication devices, HEAD acoustics will host a free online seminar on September 1, 2020.

This online seminar introduces a new standardized method to evaluate listening effort (Recommendation ETSI TS 103 558) and HEAD acoustics' own implementation called ABLE (Assessment of Binaural Listening Effort). The seminar will also discuss practical test results of real devices and gives attendees a chance to ask HEAD acoustics experts directly.

Date: Tuesday, September 1st, 2020
Sessions (EDT): 4:00 AM | 10:00 AM | 02:00 PM
Contact and registration: 

In addition, HEAD acoustics offers recordings of previous online seminars on testing communication devices like audio conferencing solutions on its dedicated webpage www.optimize-audio-conferences.com.

Topics HEAD acoustics dealt with are:
• How to optimize audio conferencing solutions to improve communication quality?
• Audio Conferencing Solutions: Hardware and Basic Testing
• Conferencing Solutions: Client and Advanced Testing
• Acoustic End-to-End Measurements
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