Step Inside HEAD acoustics’ Test Rooms During New Online Seminar

July 27 2020, 00:20
HEAD acoustics continues to expand its series of online seminars focusing on enabling seamless audio/video conferences that help to increase the productivity and engagement of employees working in home offices and collaborating remotely. To give an overview over challenges and added value of this complex testing scenario using two acoustic test rooms, HEAD acoustics will host a free online seminar on August 11, 2020, with three different sessions available for different time zones.

Concerned with all phenomena relevant to communication quality – including user behavior and device interaction – HEAD acoustics continues to drive forward all questions concerning the quality of the equipment used. The objective: Excellent sound experience – maximum lifelike and with greatly reduced audio fatigue.

Previously, HEAD acoustics promoted other sessions on audio conferencing solutions, covering the hardware and basic testing (Part 1) and client and advanced testing (Part 2). Both webinars provide a deep-insight for manufacturers and designers of VoIP conferencing devices and system components on basic and advanced parameters, hardware and measurement setup, and testing procedures – all in order to ensure optimum communication quality and to enhance the user experience in audio conferences.

The new free online seminar will now address “Acoustic end-to-end testing.” Acoustic end-to-end testing methods play a significant role in measuring the communication quality from the talker’s mouth to the listener’s ear in any communication scenario. The seminar will introduce attendees to the setup for acoustic end-to-end testing in the context of audio conferencing solutions as well as other use cases. Attendees will learn both of the challenges of this setup and the added value it provides.

As in previous sessions of this free online seminar series, real world devices and their test results make the various test parameters easier to understand and substantiate the theoretical background. The seminar will introduce the setup for acoustic end-to-end testing by the use of two acoustic test rooms. It will discuss this setup and use real world devices and their test results as in previous seminars. A short Q&A will complete the online seminar.

Contact and registration is available here:

Acoustic end-to-end testing
Date: Tuesday, August 11, 2020
Time (EDT): 4:00 AM | 10:00 AM | 02:00 PM

- Setup for acoustic end-to-end testing by the use of two acoustic test rooms
- Acoustic end-to-end testing in the context of audio conferencing solutions and other use cases
- Use of real world devices and their test results

Previous online seminars on audio conferencing solutions can be found at:
Topics were:
- Parameters that influence communication quality
- Technical aspects of systems and configurations used in conference scenarios
- Tools, test scenarios and automated test sequences to improve all types of devices and interfaces
- Measurement setup for evaluating communication quality of various components
- Basic parameters, such as delay, echo and mean opinion scores for speech quality, especially with background noise (3QUEST)
- Better look under the hood of audio conferencing platforms
- Advanced parameters, such as delay variation, packet loss, perceptual echo performance (EQUEST), and multi-talker scenarios
- Actual measurement results of some typical conferencing solutions
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