Frontier Smart Technologies Partners With High-End Electronics Brand Loewe for Its New Range of SmartRadios

January 18 2021, 00:25
Expanding the range of audio products introduced by German brand Loewe in 2020 - a company perhaps better known for its high-end TVs - a new range of SmartRadios soon to be launched will benefit from the latest Venice X platform from Frontier Smart Technologies. The Venice X module delivers a high quality SmartRadio solution, including Bluetooth, FM, DAB+ and Internet connectivity via Wi-Fi, allowing Internet Radio, Podcasts and music streaming via Spotify, Amazon and newly released Deezer music services. Loewe will be the first product launched that supports Deezer.

Loewe’s new product line, Loewe klang s1, will provide beautifully designed and crafted devices which offer DAB/DAB+, Internet Radio, Spotify Connect and Amazon music streaming services, as well as a larger product category, the Loewe klang s3, that will also include a CD player.

"Loewe wanted to create a product line to allow users to experience the benefits of the growing SmartRadio product category. We needed a strong partner who could deliver on the reliability that our customers expect from the Loewe brand. Selecting Frontier and the Venice X platform has allowed us to create a stunning product line that will deliver quality, choice and reliability to radio listeners," explains Matthias Claus, Director of Audio at Loewe.

The Venice X platform offers a complete hardware and software solution for Smartradio and Smart speaker applications, which is automatically software upgradable in the field through Internet or USB. It provides the simplest and lowest-cost solution for high-quality audio streaming from live Internet radio stations. Based around Frontier Smart Technologies’ powerful Chorus 4 processor, Venice X streams radio and music files in a variety of formats including AAC, AAC+, MP3, WAV, and FLAC. For development, Frontier Smart Technologies provides modules pre-installed with software which can be configured to requirements. Frontier Smart Technologies also provides a complete Venice X evaluation and reference platform, which can be used to enable rapid development of Venice X-based systems.

The Chorus 4 FS1440 baseband processor is the latest generation of integrated system-on-chip, providing an optimized solution for wireless connectivity, Internet radio, DAB, DAB+ and FM-RDS broadcast receiver products. It incorporates a number of mixed-signal system components as well as an applications processor and advanced peripherals, providing significant space, cost and power savings.

"We’re delighted to be working with Loewe and that our solutions have been recognized as market leading by such a prestigious brand. The SmartRadio product category goes from strength to strength, with exceptional growth seen in 2020 and expected in 2021,” says Prem Rajalingham, Managing Director at Frontier.
Frontier Smart Technologies is a pioneer in technologies for digital audio and the market leader in DAB/DAB+ radios and SmartRadio solutions. Powering over 50 million devices worldwide, Frontier provides a range of radio chips and modules – from turnkey entry-level solutions to sophisticated, highly configurable options – to leading consumer electronics brands. With its R&D centre in Cambridge (UK) and manufacturing and sales offices in Shenzhen (China) and Hong Kong, Frontier supports clients and consumers across Europe and Asia. Frontier is a Science Group company, a science-led advisory and product development organization.
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