Faital and Alpine Electronics Establish Business Alliance for Car Audio

November 23 2018, 17:10
Japanese car audio and navigation systems manufacturer Alpine Electronics, Inc. and Italian automotive speaker manufacturer Faital (Fabric Italiana Altoparlanti) S.p.A., have reached an agreement for a capital and business alliance to strengthen their in-car entertainment and audio business. Expanding on the Alpine share investment in the Faital Group, the two companies are pursuing a common vision in order to offer new high-end car audio products for premium applications and develop further integration of the brand's portfolios.

Alpine Electronics, Inc. is the consumer electronics subsidiary of the Japanese electronics component manufacturer Alps Electric, specializing in car audio and navigation systems. With its headquarters in Ota-ku, Tokyo, Alpine offers a wide range of items, including in-car multimedia, amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers and signal processing equipment.

Throughout its history, Alpine became a premium solution provider to the automotive industry and a technological leader both through OEM projects and its own brand of unique in-vehicle audio and entertainment solutions for car manufacturers. Alpine strongly believes that "Sound" is and will continue to be an essential part of the in-car entertainment experience for consumers. This was the determining factor for their continued strategic investment in this business segment.

Headquartered in San Donato Milanese, Milan, Italy, throughout its sixty years long history, the Faital Group has been able to establish itself as one of the European leaders in the design, manufacturing and sale of loudspeakers for the automotive market, and in the professional audio market with its dedicated division Faital Pro.

According to the announcement of the agreement now confirmed, Faital and Alpine have decided to build "a two-way strategic partnership through a capital and business alliance, with the combined goal of supplying their automotive customers' base with attractive products dedicated to high-end and premium applications. The new partnership strengthens development and product integration abilities, fosters opportunities for product innovation and enables both partners to offer greater customer convenience."

In line with this strategy, Alpine acquired 19.9% of Faital share capital in October 2018. The two companies are currently collaborating as strategic partners "to find and create new business opportunities and from now on both companies will work together to bring forward their business integration in order to pursue their common objectives in furthering their market share expansion," the announcement states.

"Alpine has always driven mobile media innovation and Faital's own history reflects the Group's constant innovation and growth since it was established in 1958. This new business chapter is a very exciting time and an integral part of our long term vision," states Alpine Electronics' president Nobuhiko Komeya.

As the announcement expands, Alpine and the shareholders of Faital have reached a mutual agreement for a capital and business alliance to strengthen their in-car entertainment and audio business.

Alpine Electronics has also simultaneously announced that the company is working on a business integration with Alps Electric Co., Ltd. as it previously announced in December, 2017 and a merger between the companies will be submitted to shareholders approval in December 5, 2018. This merger is considered strategic to foster growth and sustain further needed investments in expanding is automotive strategy.
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