ESS Technology Announces First High-Performance 8-Channel DAC with Built-In 2Vrms Line Drivers

December 11 2020, 02:10
ESS Technology announced their newest addition to the SABRE audio series of DACs, the ES9080 8-channel DAC with built-in 2Vrms, ground centered line drivers. The new ESS SABRE ES9080Q DAC simplifies multichannel line level setups with best-in-class performance integrated into one small package. According to the audio semiconductor manufacturer, the 32-bit 8-channel DAC is an ideal platform for the consumer home entertainment market, delivering improved audio specifications with streaming media applications.

The ES9080Q has 8 channels of D/A conversion with a DNR of 120dB A-weighted and -108dB of THD+N in a 8 channel mode, while >125dB DNR A-weighted and-110dB THD+N can be achieved in a 4 channel differential mode. The 2Vrms integrated line driver allows designers to reduce BoM costs since their projects will not require the external opamps needed for line driver levels. The I2C interface control is configured by microcontroller or other 12C source.

"The ES9080Q has a combination of ESS’ legendary SABRE DACs with a performance matched 2Vrms line driver output stage resulting in an optimum system performance. In addition, system designers can save on the total bill-of-materials (BOM), board space and power consumption by taking advantage of the ES9080Q’s built-in phase lock loop (PLL), eliminating the need for an external crystal or oscillator. Also, the built in 2Vrms, ground centered line drivers eliminate the need for external amplifiers required by other DACs," ESS states in the announcement.

The new ES9080Q can function at high input sample rates, handling PCM sampling rates up to 768 kHz and DSD rates up to DSD512, as well as TDM and DoP formats. It also includes two S/PDIF encoders to convert PCM or TDM to an S/PDIF output.

"Outstanding acoustical performance is achieved with the use of 8 pre-programmed upsampling filters that are designed to preserve the time-domain response while providing the best imaging and accurate signal preservation possible. A stereo de-emphasis filter can be set for channels 1 and 2 if required," the Californian company adds.

The ES9080Q also features the company's proprietary HyperStream-II modulator that gives ESS SABRE DACs their sound quality. HyperStream-II modulation allows for timing jitter to be pushed out of the audio range so the resulting soundstage is pure and consistent.

With a performance temperature rating of -40C to 125C, the ES9080Q is also an ideal DAC for automotive applications. The new ES9080Q can be used in home theater receivers, multichannel setups, high end systems, and other audio equipment including pro audio gear, samplers, and audio processors.

The ES9080 is available in a 40 pin QFN package to minimize the board space, and an evaluation board and reference design are also available for audio developers.
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