Eclipse To Reveal The Performance Benefits Of Dual Subwoofers At High End Munich 2017

May 11 2017, 03:10
Once again, the avant-garde design and acoustic properties of the amazingly transparent Eclipse/Fujitsu Ten speakers will be on demonstration at the High End 2017 show, in Munich. For this year, Eclipse will be highlighting the benefits of dedicated, high-quality subwoofers with a demonstration of a 2.2 configuration featuring its acclaimed TD510ZMKII speakers plus two TD520SW subs with its unique R2R Twin design and flexible input configuration. Eclipse can be found in Halle 3, room L04.

Eclipse’s unique ‘2.2’ speaker and twin-subwoofer system, which will be on demonstration throughout this year’s High End event, has been designed to showcase the strengths of its ‘accurate sound’ loudspeaker and subwoofer technology. The unique speaker system comprises the single-driver, full-range TD510ZMKII loudspeaker with integrated stand, flanked by two TD520SW subwoofers, demonstrating the performance benefits of multiple subs.

“The combination of Eclipse’s renowned single-driver design plus twin high-performance music-orientated subwoofers provides a loudspeaker system with unrivalled fidelity, transient response and time domain accuracy,” the company states. A total of four 20cm bass drivers combines with the TD510ZMKII’s custom full-range, 10cm drivers.

Featuring two R2R twin-drivers with a diameter of 20 cm, the TD520SW is equipped with a compact ICEpower digital power amplifier module and two input systems, each provided with an independent audio volume and low-pass filter, allowing stereo or surround mode configurations without increasing delay in lower frequencies. Instead of using a large single subwoofer driver, the TD520SW uses twin drivers that are comparatively small in diameter but can be driven at higher speeds. Each TD520SW uses two speaker units, back to back, secured with an aluminum shaft instead of ground anchors. The two speaker units are driven in-phase, generating a strong reaction force without causing unwanted vibrations of the cabinet. Eclipse also uses a special material to suppress vibration, and the structure maintains the interior of the enclosure airtight.

With extraordinary R&D resources at its disposal, since 2001 Eclipse has crafted a visually stunning range of uncompromising loudspeakers, including desktop, home cinema and subwoofer models. Compared to conventional loudspeakers, which focus on reproducing a flat and wide frequency response, Eclipse speakers focus on the accurate reproduction of the sound waveform. This means the emphasis is not just limited to tone and rhythm, but the dynamic transients that are essential for expressing musicians’ skill and creativity. This allows Eclipse TD series loudspeakers to sound incredibly accurate.

Everything about the TD series’ design, from the use of single full-range drivers to egg-shaped cabinets, has been skilfully implemented by Eclipse engineers who understand that accurate sound waveform performance is achieved by engineering-out all the factors that compromise conventional boxy loudspeakers. Eclipse UK team members Hideto Watanabe (Senior Manager) and Paul Burnip (Sales Manager), will be available throughout the event to demonstrate the concept. |
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