Comply Foam Partners with Sennheiser to Develop Custom Tips

May 4 2016, 05:10
Hearing Components, the manufacturer of Comply Foam Tip products, has announced a partnership with Sennheiser to develop a custom tip to fit specifically on the Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear (MIE2), CX 3.00, and CX 5.00 earphone models. This custom Comply Premium Foam tip is now available exclusively on the US Sennheiser website, with a one-pair and a three-pair pack option for $6.99 and $15.99, respectively.

Anyone following the recent global expansion in the headphone and earphones market has certainly been faced with the very successful Comply Foam products, a parent brand from Hearing Components, Inc. And they are successful for a reason: they solve a very real and pressing problem of replacing the standard and frequently ineffective and uncomfortable silicon or rubber tips which are delivered with most consumer earphone models. And even headphone manufacturers agree that Comply Foam tips are a much needed consumable for anyone who makes intense use of their earphones.

Comply Foam tips feel better, fit better and sound better. The easily replaceable tips expand to perfectly fit the user’s ear canal, becoming a very welcome addition to the experience allowed by any earphone model. The special formulated foam provides better isolation, doesn’t generate heat and sweet in the inner ear and stays in the ear even during workouts. As Comply Foam claims, these tips are 30x softer than silicone and 30x more comfortable, generating less or no ear fatigue. Comply also provides different types of foam tips for different usage profiles, including specific models for fitness activities, more comfortable formulas for extended use (long flights) and even models for professional activities requiring more external dB reduction and no sound leakage. In general, Comply Foam tips provide enhanced sound at lower volume with any type of in-ear earphone, allowing for safer listening levels and increased user satisfaction - something headphone manufacturers clearly appreciate.

Users are able to select their preferred tips among the different foam formulas, with specific shapes and sizes, designed to provide better fit and sealing in low-frequency energy. Optional built-in filters also protect earphones from wax and debris or sweat. The multiple sizes should assure users are able to select their preferred tips to fit most earphones. Nevertheless some specific brands and specific models demand Comply to design brand-specific tips and there are already multiple versions which were designed in partnership with the manufacturers. That’s one of the reasons why, increasingly, we see manufacturers announcing new earphone models shipping already with a selection of Comply Foam tips.

The success story of Comply Foam begins in 1990 when Robert Oliveira, Ph.D. (Dr. Bob) spun the Comply brand of products out of 3M. A serial inventor and biochemist, Dr. Bob worked at 3M for 18 years developing products ranging from biochemical diagnostics to surgical instruments. An ear canal expert, he also led a team at 3M who developed the world’s first FDA-approved cochlear implant. His research, presented worldwide, demonstrated that the shape and opening of the ear canal changes as one’s jaw opens and closes. Ear canal shape also changes with such attributes as an individual’s weight, age, and level of hydration. This discovery of the ear canal’s dynamic nature led to the development of numerous unique and patented memory foam solutions to protect and enhance hearing, including the world’s first memory foam earphone tip.

Offering superior sound isolation, in-ear retention and soft comfort, Comply foam tips are now sold globally to top brands and through distributors and retailers. First used for audiology products, the technology has expanded into consumer electronics, military, law enforcement, industrial communications and hunting. Hearing Components products are made in the USA, in Oakdale, MN, very close to 3M. Currently, over 75 earphone brands choose Comply tips as part of their earphone solution.

Almost every month Comply Foam announces new partnerships with earphone manufacturers. In April 2016, Comply announced a brand and product accessories partnership with British manufacturer RHA, to supply premium ear tips with RHA’s MA750, MA750i, T10, T10i, T20, T20i and T20i Black in-ear headphones. Each RHA product is now supplied with two pairs of medium size Comfort Plus with WaxGuard (Tsx-200 Series) ear tips alongside eight pairs of RHA’s own silicone ear tips in a variety of sizes.

Now, Comply Foam announced a very significant first partnership with Sennheiser, one of the leading global headphone companies, which clearly signals the recognition of Comply’s technology and benefits. The new Comply Custom Sennheiser tips are the only Comply tip that fits the Sennheiser Momentum (MIE2), CX 3.00 and CX 5.00 earphones and have been specifically designed for those models, providing optimized noise isolation and seal with secure fit, all while being RoHS compliant. The new Comply Custom Sennheiser tips will be supplied in black and small, medium and large sizes.
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