Sennheiser Launches High-Quality IE 80S Bluetooth In-Ear Neckband with LHDC Codec Support

August 13 2019, 00:35
While the popularity of high-quality in-ears continues to rise globally, so does the popularity of wireless Bluetooth solutions which are appreciated for its convenience. Sennheiser has products for all those segments and with its latest IE 80S BT model it is trying to combine the high-quality experience that music enthusiasts demand, featuring hi-res audio with the addition of LHDC support, with the convenience that a wireless neckband design still affords. At any moment, users can also detach the neckband and use the IE 80S BT in wired mode.

Introduced at the Hong Kong High End Audio Visual Show, Sennheiser's new IE 80S BT builds on the sonic achievements of the company’s much-loved IE 80S ear-canal headphones to create a wireless model that supports hi-res audio. As well as offering wireless listening, the new model introduces connected features such as customization via the Sennheiser Smart Control App and one-touch access to virtual assistants such as Siri or Google Assistant. A smart high-quality product that can be enjoyed anywhere, the sleek neckband headphones are the perfect wireless companion for the sophisticated listener on the move.

"The IE 80S BT earphones have been meticulously crafted to the most demanding standards,” explains Ronja Harste, Product Manager Audiophile at Sennheiser. “They not only meet Sennheiser’s exacting criteria for a high-end audio product and match the exceptional performance of their wired predecessor, but also offer a real wireless option for refined audiophiles who don’t wish to compromise on sound quality.”

Support for advanced codecs including LHDC, aptX HD, and AAC allows the IE 80S BT to process high bit rates so the listener can enjoy uncompressed music formats on par with wired performance. LHDC (Low Latency High Def Codec) is a low latency and high-definition audio codec promoted by Savitech and the HWA Alliance. Comparing to the Bluetooth SBC audio format, LHDC allows more than 3 times the data transmitted, transmitting 24-bit/96kHz audio at 900 kbps over Bluetooth.

Improved sound quality is also guaranteed by a top-of-the-line AKM DAC that lets listeners experience the full performance of Sennheiser's dynamic speaker system which features 10mm drivers and powerful neodymium magnets for brilliant sonic accuracy and clarity. For supreme versatility, support for aptX Low Latency also allows for perfect synchronization with video content.

The IE 80S BT has been carefully tuned to deliver the balanced sound characteristic of Sennheiser’s top headphones. However, the listening experience can still be tailored according to taste, either by using the bass adjustment tool to boost the bass on the earphone directly, or using the Sennheiser Smart Control App which provides an intuitive 5-band equalizer.

Created for a connected, always-on age, the IE 80S BT offers at-a-touch interaction with all common voice assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant via a dedicated voice assistant access button. The headphones feature high-quality microphones with noise reduction technology that are optimally positioned to ensure crystal clear capture of speech for undisturbed telephone calls and communication with voice assistants.

On the design side, Sennheiser’s IE 80S BT earphones display meticulous attention to detail, using durable high-quality materials and allowing for the Bluetooth neckband component to be detached so the earphones can be used with an optional cable accessory when wired listening may be desired. The neckband holds a robust Bluetooth 5 radio module with BLE, which is a class 1 design, allowing for long range reception from the audio source.

The supplied selection of ear adapters made from silicone, silicone lamellar and Comply Memory Foam in a choice of three sizes each helps to ensure a perfect fit for excellent passive attenuation of external noise. A secure fit is also assured by the flexible ear hooks, which have a soft touch finish to enhance the wearing experience. These ergonomic refinements let the user enjoy the longer listening sessions made possible by the 6-hour battery life in perfect comfort.

The IE 80S BT will be available from mid-August for 499 EUR/499.95 USD (MSRP).
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