RHA Announces Lightning Compatible Refresh to its Popular MA650i In-ears

May 21 2019, 03:00
Always offering excellent design and the best price-to-quality ratio in every segment, RHA has been expanding its catalog of personal audio products with reassuring consistency. Sometimes with announcements of really cutting-edge or high-end products. Other times, a simple, but welcome refresh. This time, RHA introduced a new version to its popular MA650 lineup - a wired, in-ear headphone with a Lightning connection for Apple devices: the MA650i with Lightning. No more dongles needed!

With each product announcement, Scottish headphone maker RHA seems to consolidate even more its already comprehensive portfolio of personal audio solutions for every usage profile. Since the company was founded in 2011, RHA built a respectable catalog of wired and wireless earphones, including affordable and mid-tier in-ear models. In 2018, RHA introduced the CL2 Planar, an extremely high-quality planar-magnetic in-ear model, and the company's first true wireless earbud, TrueConnect. The MA650i with Lightning is the latest product to join the award-winning MA series, the brand's most affordable. Not exactly exciting for some, but probably extremely good news for iPhone or iPad users.

Of course, the already familiar RHA design now comes with the added benefit of full call and audio control, Siri functionality and voice control for Apple Lightning devices. The MA650i with Lightning combines RHA-grade listening with a Lightning connection, mic and remote, allowing users to switch between music, calls and use the “Hey, Siri” function at the touch of a button. The premium aluminum housings are designed for optimal noise-isolation and have a great robust feeling, while the quality sound experience is provided by the extremely balanced and detailed qualities of its custom dynamic (380.1) driver.

The subtle, beautiful design of RHA’s own Aerophonic housings ensures listeners get the most from their headphones. Made with premium materials that provide both comfort and style, the MA650i with Lightning also come with a wide range of ear tips to ensure best fit, including Comply Foam. Also included are a mesh carry pouch and convenient clothing clip.

"We designed the MA650i with Lightning to complement the extremely successful existing MA series; combining elements from the MA650 range with Apple’s Lightning connection. The MA650i is an excellent audio companion for iOS devices, pairing RHA’s much-loved design and the renowned audio experience of the existing range with functionality optimized for Apple’s superb range of devices,” explains Colum Fraser, RHA’s Global Marketing Manager.

Also available in an Android-optimized or wireless variation, the MA650 series comes with a three-year guarantee. The MA650i Lightning is available for $59.95 and should reach stores May 23, 2019.
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