Bose Soundlink Revolve New Reference Design for Portable Bluetooth Speakers

May 9 2017, 02:50
Bose launched the new SoundLink Revolve and SoundLink Revolve+ which could very well be an Amazon Echo killer, except that Bose is not pitching them like that, even though they feature voice-prompts and work with Siri and Google Assistant. Instead, Bose calls it "its best Bluetooth speakers ever", accentuating its true omni-directional performance, and an entirely new acoustic design from a seamless aluminum cabinet designed to be portable.

"When SoundLink first hit the market, it took the industry by storm," says Glenn Gomes-Casseres, director of products for Bose wireless speakers. “We didn’t want to make small improvements to the audio that made it famous. We wanted the difference to be so dramatic, that it would take just one song to hear the best sound you’ve ever heard from a little speaker - all over again.” 

To do that, Bose engineers started from a clean-sheet to redefine the relationship between size, sound, and battery-power. An entirely new acoustic package was developed first, then matched with the cylindrical shape it required, and a single-piece aluminum enclosure. There’s no “front” or “back,” because Revolve speakers don’t have to be pointed to favor one location over another. They combine dual-opposing passive-radiators with a powerful, ultra-efficient full-range transducer - positioned face-down - and a new patented acoustic deflector for uniform coverage.

"With an added “pressure trap” to eliminate distortion, the result is dramatic. Sound radiates uniformly in every direction, with deep, rich bass - and without the sweet spots and frequency drop-offs of conventional 360-degree speakers. Set in the middle of the room, a corner, or anywhere in between, Revolve speakers deliver the same experience for everyone. Music is spacious, clear, and when you want - remarkably loud," the company says.
Both new Revolve models are just at home outside. They feature an IPX4-rating to withstand spills, rain, and pool splashes; and rugged durability to survive dings, drops, and bumps. A quarter-twenty thread on the bottom of each makes for easy mounting on a tripod for listening in the yard or an outdoor party.
Revolve is 6” high x 3 ¼” deep, weighs a mere 1.5 pounds, and provides up to 12-hours of battery life. There is an optional charging cradle to keep the SoundLink Revolve speakers charged all the time and when in use inside the home in a fixed location. Revolve+ is slightly bigger for more performance at 7 ¼” high x 4” deep, 2 pounds, and up to 16-hours of playtime.

Both can pair through NFC, feature plain-language voice-prompts for fool-proof set-up, and integrate microphones to use as a speakerphone, and users can user the multifunction button to access the voice input for Siri and Google Now (Google Assistant) right from the speaker. Bose also doesn't have in problems in telling its users that they can connect any Bose Bluetooth speaker to the Amazon Echo Dot if they want to use Alexa Voice Service.
More importantly, the free Bose Connect app is able to sync two SoundLink speakers, in any combination, for any models starting with the SoundLink Color II. A new Stereo Mode enables left-right pairing, and new Party Mode allows users to play the same music on both simultaneously.

The SoundLink Revolve and SoundLink Revolve+ Bluetooth speakers are now available for $199.00 and $299.00, respectively, and come in two colors – Triple Black and Lux Gray.
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