Auri Smart Home Lamp and Speaker Targets Wellness

November 27 2018, 17:05
Ling Technology, the Chinese company behind the AI Owl Luka, which can read any picture books to children, and the Jibo social robot, is now announcing Auri, a brand new smart home light and smart speaker which aims to promote wellness with its intelligent lighting and ambient sounds to help lift moods and bring calmness into homes. But Auri is also a platform that Ling intends to expand with various accessories, like the Auri oil diffuser and the Auri motion sensor. The project is now being promoted with a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Different from other smart speaker designs and speakers with LEDs, Auri is an intelligent light with a built-in sound system which hopes to help mindfulness, positivity, and relaxation into the home whilst also utilizing the latest smart home technology. Auri utilises “Aurish,” its own language system using light and sound to create natural and emotional ambiance throughout the home, whether it’s to focus the mind while meditating or a tool to calm down after a stressful day.

According to the Ling Technology announcements, Auri is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and taps into features such as music playback via Amazon Music and Spotify, as well as smart home functionality with compatible products (Hive, Philips Hue, TP-Link). Users will be able to use it like any other voice-assistant device, to set reminders or wake in the morning at the right time and with the right mood.

“We are excited to launch Auri as we have worked for two years creating the ultimate ubiquitous AI product for your home,” explains Jiawei Gu, CEO of Ling Technology “Our goal is to have a single product which helps you to take care of yourself, without the intrusion of technology, all within one product.“

The Auri is equipped with both WiFi (2.4GHz) and Bluettoth, and features a single 74mm full-range driver on the base of the speaker, firing to an ommnidirectional Acoustic Deflector at the bottom to generate 360-degree sound evenly to the room's surroundings. Bass is reinforced with a 248mm passive transducer positioned at the top of the speaker, which resonates using the full 344mm internal structure of the speaker. This design is powered with by a Texas Instruments TAS5754M device, a high-performance, 36 watts, stereo closed-loop amplifier with integrated audio processor with PurePath HybridFlow architecture.

But because Auri is essentially a smart lamp, the whole external surface was designed to generate an even light, with an internal structure of LED light belts that emit light onto the outer diffuser shell. The result is a bright and glare-free surface that also offers flickers free light good enough to use as a reading light. At the top of the structure there is a gold touch panel to fully control its features, including changing colors, dimming the light, etc. That surface also includes the microphones for voice recognition and a light sensor.

Of course, Auri can also be controlled from the phone, helping users to create different light and audio modes. Using the app, users can preset everything and customize light settings through its simple and intuitive user interface.

At the base, close to power connector which uses an external adaptor, there's also a USB port for charging any external devices, turning Auri into the perfect bedside lamp that also charges a smartphone.

The Auri will be available with a price of $129 during the Indiegogo campaign and will retail for $229.99.
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