Audix Releases Integrated Acoustics Coupler for In-Ear Monitors

November 24 2020, 00:25
Audix announced an expansion of its test and measurement range with the introduction of the TM2 Integrated Acoustic Coupler for In-Ear Monitors (IEMs). As the company explains, the TM2 was designed as a readily available measurement solution to complement software such as Rational Acoustic’s SMAART or Studio Six Digital’s Audio Tools, allowing monitor engineers to easily confirm the functionality of each performer’s IEMs. The coupler will appeal also to IEM enthusiasts obsessed with comparing measurements.

Audix is a U.S. microphone manufacturer that has so far mainly focused on standard dynamic and condenser microphones for the live sound, recording, and installation markets. Headquartered in Wilsonville, Oregon, the company's research and development team, combined with an in‐house manufacturing facility, is able to work on new projects from concept to completion, and expand the company's portfolio into new markets. Audix already sells the TM1, a 6 mm pre-polarized omnidirectional condenser microphone designed for test and measurement applications - also available as a complete kit with calibration files (TM1 Plus). The TM1 is designed, machined, assembled, and tested by Audix in the USA and is ready to be used in general acoustic measurements and room analysis by both sound engineers and recording enthusiasts.

At the NAMM 2020 show, Audix teased the market with an ambitious expansion program of its existing catalog - showing more than 10 new microphone prototypes - and that included the new Audix A127, a reference test and measurement microphone with a 1/2" metal film omnidirectional capsule, which is yet to be launched. Now, Audix confirmed that it will start shipping the TM2, an Integrated Acoustic Coupler for In-Ear Monitors (IEMs), which is a solution that directly targets very specific market requirements.

Ear simulator “couplers” are the measurement devices used by manufacturers of IEMs during research & development, final production and quality control of IEMs. Using patent-pending technology, the Audix TM2 incorporates the functionality of lab-type testing equipment into an integrated compact package, ideal for live sound and studio engineers who want a simple, yet effective way to test the performance of in-ear monitors increasingly used by musicians on stage, but also by monitor engineers who need to check the exact mix that is being used by each performer. Featuring precision-machined brass and aluminum components, the TM2 is built for the road and includes adapters to fit a wide range of IEMs, including custom molds.

Monitor engineers are often faced with questions from performers regarding the functionality of their IEMs with no reliably consistent method to test them in their environment. The TM2 is an Integrated Acoustic Coupler for IEMs that was specifically designed for use in the professional sound industry. Using readily available measurement software such as Rational Acoustics' SMAART or Studio Six Digital’s Audio Tools, a monitor engineer can easily confirm the functionality of each performer’s IEMs before the show. It is also ideal for house of worship applications, where the TM2 can be used to check the performance of the IEMs of every member of the praise team on a regular basis.

"We saw a need for a tool that didn’t really exist, and instead of waiting for one to come along, we just built it," says Steve Young, Director of US Sales at Audix. “Along with our new line of studio headphones and two new large-diaphragm studio microphones, the A131 and A133, the TM2 is just another example of how innovation is alive and well at Audix.”

The AudiX TM2 will also appeal to IEM resellers and service centers and will probably be a strong motivator for some software companies to create new simple-to-use measurement and analysis tools, for many different possible applications.

With its included adaptors, to fit any size of in-ear monitor, the TM2 retails for $1299 and is supported with a 3-year warranty. A calibration file is included with each unit, and the TM2 can also be connected to an acoustic calibrator for greater measurement precision.
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