Artnovion Announces Availability of New Eiger Sub Trap and Wall Absorber Panels

November 26 2018, 00:35
In August 2018, audioXpress published an article documenting the cutting-edge research by leading acoustic experts, Jorge Castro, Nathaniel Bailey, Bruno Fazenda, and Kelvin Griffiths to determine improvements on precise low-frequency absorption. The tests, performed at Electroacoustic Design, in Porthcawl, South Wales, UK, determined a method to predict finite element analysis of the performance of weighted diaphragmatic membrane absorbers, the predominant acoustic core now employed in Artnovion's latest Eiger Sub Trap range of acoustic panels.

Low frequency control is the foundation of acoustic treatment, and the new Eiger Sub Trap Range from Artnovion uses a new patented Tunable Pistonic Diaphragmatic membrane technology, which enables to achieve an absorption range from 40 to 60 Hz. While mid-high frequency absorption is easily achieved through broadband porous absorption panels and is readily available on the market, solutions for frequencies below 120 Hz are considerably rarer and require distinct absorption techniques. 

Treating even lower frequencies below 60Hz usually involves either vast custom-built solutions or structural changes to the room, like lowering ceilings or converting large parts of a room into bass traps. With this research implemented in the range of sub bass traps, Artnovion created a high-performance absorber with a tunable resonant frequency that can effectively work down to 40 Hz in a mass-produced product that can be adapted to target each rooms’ characteristic resonant frequencies.

Inside each Eiger Bass Trap structure there are four independent cavities, three of which are sealed volumes equipped with independent, tunable diaphragmatic membranes, and an additional acoustic core packed with a high-performance porous absorber. This configuration is designed to offer the best performance possible, with pressure and velocity sensitive cores exposed to the correct modal areas. The membrane technology used inside is akin to a speaker cone – a suspended calibrated mass on an elastic surround – allowing to precisely tune the desired resonance to the desired frequency by simply adding or removing mass from the membrane. The combined design of these three acoustic cores creates a trap with unprecedented performance and calibration, absorbing more lower frequencies than anything else until now available on the market.

In fact, the new Eiger Sub Trap can have its peak absorption tuned Hz-by-Hz and offers a performance that could only be reached previously using around 2 cubic meters of traditional Fiberglass or foam material – as documented in the article published by audioXpress in its Focus on Acoustics special edition. In fact, strong modal frequencies can be now controlled without altering the room structure. This mechanical solution is now patented by Artnovion as the TPDA Technology, and the Eiger Sub Trap is now shipping as part of a complete range of acoustic treatment solutions.

Apart from the technical specifications, as with all its wall and ceiling panels, Artnovion combined art and science to create the most beautiful and effective panel possible. And the company is already complementing the Eiger Sub Trap with new Eiger Absorber wall panels, using the same grid design to complete the Eiger range. These wall Absorber panels are effectively a wall mounted bass trap working in the low frequencies between 80Hz and 120Hz. Both Artnovion's Eiger Absorber and Bass Traps feature a stunning wood front grille that fits perfectly in any home cinema or hi-fi set-up and design. 

The Eiger Absorber is available in two specifications: Standard (595mm x 595mm) and Double (595mm x 1190mm), with an absorption range of 350Hz to 5000Hz. They are both simply installed using Artnovion’s range of FixArt systems. The Eiger Sub Trap can either be installed in corners or featured as a stand-alone unit with the hand-crafted wooden grills (available in different finishes) visible on all three sides. The corner model, with only one grill, measures 736x892x437mm, while the standalone model measures 736x892x453mm. Both have its own integrated fixing system.
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