Vicoustic Introduces VicTotem Configurable Acoustic Solution for Hifi and Pro Audio Applications

November 24 2016, 03:00
Acoustic solutions specialist Vicoustic continues to expand its portfolio. Following the recent release of a number of new acoustics products for building and construction applications, Vicoustic now announced the release of their VicTotem configurable acoustic totem, combining absorption, diffusion and bass trap in a single modular structure. VicTotem combines VicPET Wool, Vicycle Microsuede Fabric, and Wood materials, available in a series of modules with multiple finishes and colors.

Vicoustic’s catalog of acoustic solutions already includes an extended range of absorption and diffusion panels, insulation products, bass traps, portable acoustic products and acoustic solutions for Music & Broadcast, Hi-Fi & Home Cinema, and Building & Construction applications. 

Ten years ago, the Portuguese company introduced its Wavewood flagship acoustic panel, which propelled Vicoustic’s international expansion with its mix of design and function. At the core of the panel’s success was the combination of acoustic foam and wood creating a series of non-linear sequential cavities, enabling it to act as both an absorber and diffuser. The solution proved particularly effective in treating medium and high frequencies as well as solving issues such as flutter echoes. Wavewood can also be highly effective in controlling low frequencies when fitted in the corners of a room and used as a bass trap. 

The panel’s characteristics were instrumental in promoting Vicoustic in the acoustics world, allowing to treat acoustic problems without destroying a room’s ambiance, or over-deadening the sound, while its elegant design enhances the visual appearance of any room, with five different wood finishes available to match a range of studio or listening room interiors. Currently available in a range of different sizes for smaller or larger spaces and with complementary solutions for corners and ceilings, Vicoustic’s Wavewood panels are used in control rooms, broadcast studios, recording, rehearsal rooms and other performance spaces. For music listening rooms, Wavewood panels also became a popular choice given its flexibility and proven effectiveness.

Now, Vicoustic expanded the concept with a new standard for acoustic treatment, introducing a free-standing concept which can further improve installation flexibility. The new VicTotem is a free-standing, variable acoustic product combining absorption, diffusion and bass management and any mix of those principles in the same solution. The design allows the clever combination of stackable two-faced elliptical modules (3 modules per box), which can be placed freely in any room, in any combination and can be repositioned and changed for different acoustic environments - a flexible solution for demo rooms, and trade shows, with a very high Spouse Acceptance Factor for living-room applications.

For Hifi and home cinema users, VicTotem is a flexible system that can change with system upgrades and is freely configurable. For commercial and project studios it offers the most versatile and flexible solution - freely movable between recording rooms and mixing situations.

VicTotem modules are designed with the utmost attention to detail in terms of wood and fire-resistant fabric, combined with Vicoustic’s new core material PET wool foam. The product is available in a wide range of fabric colors and wood finishes to fit any room and space, including a choice of Wenge, Nordic, Light Brown, Cherry and White woods. Although VicTotem was primarily designed to be free-standing, the company will also be releasing solutions for fixed installs in wall and ceilings. VicTotem is sold in sets of three stackable modules for $799 USD and is available now.
New distributor of Vicoustic in North America is Audio Plus Services:
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