Acoustic Geometry Launches Pro Room Packs Acoustic Solutions

October 31 2017, 03:10
Acoustic Geometry announced the launch of Pro Room Packs, a unique grouping of acoustical products aimed at the professional audio market. Delivering professional-level acoustical performance at four cost-saving price points, these new product packages include Fabric-Wrapped Panels and Ceiling Clouds (absorbers), Curve Diffusors, CornerSorbers, and all mounting hardware, providing convenient and well-balanced room treatment solutions for studios and high-end audio rooms. 

Pro Room Packs provide audio professionals and music enthusiasts with a combination of proven acoustical products, which will greatly benefit nearly all audio spaces, including recording studios, audio post-production rooms, stereo listening rooms, and high-end home theaters. Available as Pro Room Packs 6, 8, 10, and 12, these highly-effective groups combine phase-coherent diffusion, proven low-frequency room mode mitigation, and broadband sound absorption.
“We’re proud to offer Pro Room Packs as an easy, effective, and reasonably-priced room-improvement solution,” says John Calder, Retail Director, Acoustic Geometry. “Each of the four cost-effective packages are the most balanced selections of room treatments for that price point. Critical-listening rooms can achieve much better sound in a visually elegant manner. Pro Room Packs are the ideal solution for high-end rooms as well as professional audio rooms. Acoustic Geometry offers phase-coherent diffusion combined with glass-fiber mid- and high-frequency absorption, as well as unique lab-tested, low-frequency membrane absorption to treat room modes. We’re always happy to consult on product choices and placements.”

Pro Room Packs are available in six ‘ship-from-stock’ fabric color options and 23 additional colors requiring a bit longer lead time. Colors range from the most popular, Onyx and Birch, to unique color textures such as Beach Glass and Sandy Pebble.
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