Studio Six Digital Debuts iPrecisionMic with Lightning-Connector

June 25 2014, 13:29
Introduced at InfoComm 2014 in Las Vegas, NV, the iPrecisionMic from Studio Six Digital is a Type 1 class test and measurement microphone that plugs directly into any Lightning-connector equipped iOS device, with the added benefits of digital communication. No external preamp or power is required.
The microphone is factory calibrated in Boulder, CO, and automatically transmits the calibration from the microphone’s nonvolatile memory to the Studio Six Digital professional-grade audio apps when iPrecisionMic is plugged in. The microphone uses a thread-on metal-diaphragm capsule built by ACO Pacific. Every microphone ships with its own calibration report, and is available  with or without a Type 1 Certification certificate.

All the active electronics are in the microphone body, including the microphone preamplifier, precision 24-bit A/D converter, and the circuitry required to communicate with Apple devices via a digital audio link. This way, the microphone is not reliant on the analog electronics stages in the iPhone or iPad, completely bypass them with a digital audio link.
The iPrecisionMic is also built with a nickel-plated solid bronze tubing, with no seams or welds, providing  low susceptibility to mechanical resonances. When equipped with a weatherproof windscreen and a protective boot on the cable end, it may be used outdoors in all weather conditions.
The solution provides a welcome upgrade to Studio Six’s AudioTools test and measurement platform, extending the range to professional noise and analysis work. According to Studio Six, iPrecisionMic is the perfect microphone for noise studies, critical acoustical analysis, and speech intelligibility work. The iPrecisionMic automatically unlocks the SPL Pro and SPL Graph modules (including octave band logging) in AudioTools.
The specifications for iPrecisionMic place it in the upper tier of acoustical test microphones with a frequency response that meets Type 1, ±1 dB, 20-to-20-kHz class, with a dynamic range of 20 to 128 dBA in two ranges. The microphone meets all environmental requirements in the certification.
Available accessories  include a weatherproof windscreen, a 20-dB attenuator, an outdoor weather-proof case that includes room for an iPhone, a rechargeable battery, and a solar battery charger. The iPrecisionMic can be pre-ordered. It ships in Fall 2014.
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