New Speakers and Drivers 2014 – SICA / Jensen

July 9 2014, 12:43
From SICA Altoparlanti, the speaker manufacturer founded in Italy in 1979, there was a full range of high performance speakers on display at the Prolight+Sound 2014 show, both for professional audio applications and musical instruments.
SICA is also the sole manufacturer of the famous Jensen guitar speakers. After having reintroduced, thanks to the help of talented guitarists, exact replicas of the speakers that made the history of Rock and Roll in the Fifties and Sixties, the Jensen catalogue is being expanded now with the JET series, developed to better fit modern tones.
With every speaker component engineered and developed by SICA in its Marche region factory, in the famous Music District of the central Adriatic Sea coast of Italy, SICA Altoparlanti was highlighting its new 12C 2,5CP 12” woofer for coaxial applications, rated at 500 W continuous program power and a 98.6 dB sensitivity, an aluminum basket and ferrite magnet, with a 2.5” copper voice coil, kapton former and progressive wave konex spider and cloth surround with double asymmetric rolls. The new woofer offers the possibility to mount compression drivers with 1” throat diameter, like the company’ own CD 120.44/640 compression driver.
Another highlight was the SICA 12S 4CP 12” subwoofer (1400 W continuous program power) with aluminum basket and ferrite magnet, featuring a 4” sandwich copper voice coil, fiberglass former with progressive wave konex spider and cloth surround with double asymmetric rolls. The new woofer rates a 95.5 dB sensitivity and features an autoclave cone waterproof treatment.
With similar construction, SICA was also displaying the 15SR 4CP 15” subwoofer.
Among Jensen branded new products, SICA was displaying the new Yellow Label Bass-series speakers, available in two distinct categories and offering great dynamics and super-fast response, giving the player an extremely solid bass sound. Equipped with ferrite magnets and steel baskets, these new speakers are ideal for classic styles where a clean, tight and bright sound is required.
To handle massive power and allow for a low temperature of the coil wire during intensive use, SICA used a 2.5” (65 mm) voice coil, helping the nominal impedance to remain constant, avoiding power compression. The water-proof and damping paint protects the cone from moisture and dampens its vibrations at mid-high frequencies. A wide area of overlapped glue between the suspension and the cone greatly reduces the cone break up. The flat spider allows perfect symmetrical movement and constant mechanical compliance even at high excursions. The cone suspension has asymmetrical waves to compensate for the lack of linearity of the excursion. Both the voice coil and the cone have decompression holes to eliminate the pneumatic compressions usually present in speakers with great excursions.
Also in the Jensen range, the Blue Label Bass-series speakers are equipped with neodymium magnets and aluminum baskets, offering great linear excursion and dynamics, oriented to modern styles where extended low end is required.
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