New Jensen Bass Speakers Are Smooth and Have Punch

September 26 2014, 09:43
Jensen Musical Instrument Speakers has announced the addition of bass speakers to the legendary Jensen speaker line. The new Jensen Bass-series speakers were developed by combining the technical knowledge and passion of countless musicians with SICA’s R&D department’s 35+ years of experience.

The new Jensen bass speakers demonstrate Jensen’s tradition of giving players what they are asking for in tone. As with all musicians, bass players seek their own special tone, leading Jensen to designing two very different and distinct series of bass speakers. The Jensen Punch Sound series has great dynamics and super fast response, giving them a very solid sound. The Punch Sound series are equipped with ceramic magnets and steel baskets for a more classic tone and look.

Punch Sound speakers are equipped with ferrite magnets and steel baskets, ideal for classic styles where a clean, tight and bright sound is required.

The Jensen Smooth Sound series are extremely clean and round with superb headroom, equipped with neodymium magnets and aluminum baskets for a more modern tone and look with great linear excursion and dynamics. In addition, these speakers are 50% lighter than their ceramic cousins, guaranteeing very light systems. The proprietary aluminum basket was specially designed to avoid sound wave reflections on the rear side of the cone, thereby allowing for faster and better cooling of both the voice coil and the air moved by it.

Both Jensen Bass-series speakers are capable of great excursions, generating high SPL at low frequencies without pneumatic compression; the sound does not change as SPL increases. They can work at very high SPL for long periods of time and without power compression; the SPL of the cabinet does not decrease when working at full power.

The dynamic performance and balance of the electro-magnetic parameters results in deep low frequencies with absolutely unprecedented levels of distortion and with very high dynamics.
To handle massive power and allow for a low temperature of the coil wire during intensive use, a 2.5” (65 mm) voice coil is used; this also helps the nominal impedance to remain constant, avoiding power compression. The water-proof and damping paint protects the cone from moisture and dampens its vibrations at mid-high frequencies. A wide area of overlapped glue between the suspension and the cone greatly reduces the cone break up.

The flat spider allows perfect symmetrical movement and constant mechanical compliance even at high excursions. The cone suspension has asymmetrical waves to compensate for the lack of linearity of the excursion. Both the voice coil and the cone have decompression holes to eliminate the pneumatic compressions usually present in speakers with great excursions.

All models in the two series are available in 8”, 10”, 12” and 15” woofer sizes and wattages for any application.
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