More Power Modules Options from ICEpower

June 2 2014, 09:00
ICEpower, the joint venture with Bang & Olufsen founded in 1999 in Denmark, continues to expand its already extensive range of high quality class D amplifiers with reliable, powerful, lightweight and compact modules, including options for consumer and professional audio applications.

During the recent High End Show in Munich, ICEpower introduced four new powerful ASC Series amplifiers: The new 300ASC, 300AC and 700ASC modules.

The new 300ASC, 300AC and 700ASC amp models allow for an easy upgrade of existing products, since the 200ASC/AC and 300ASC/AC have the same size and connectors. The 300ASC/AC is a 300W/4 ohm module, while the 700ASC is a more powerfull 700W/4 ohm amp, both featuring universal mains and ErP (1275/2008/EC) compliant standby functionality. The new ASC Series models also have auxiliary power supplies, wake on signal sense, 5V and 12V triggers (300ASC and 700ASC), status LED indicators and a DC-bus output for powering additional ICEpower 200/300AC amplifiers. Basically everything needed for a subwoofer, an active loudspeaker or a high-end amplifier.

The 200/300AC modules are essentially the amplifier part of the 200/300ASC. They are designed to be a “hanger” module, that can be powered from the DC-bus output of the 200/300/700ASC, 250ASP or 500ASP. This means that a combination of these modules can be used to create anything from a subwoofer to a stereo amplifier or a 2- or 3-way active loudspeaker.

Also new from ICEpower is the 700ASX (700W/4 ohm) bridged single-channel amplifier module, a cost-effective solution with the same features as other ASX modules, allowing a 300AC to be added as hanger module for an extra channel. All four ASX Series modules (50ASX2, 125ASX2, 250ASX2 and the new 700ASX) can be combined as application building blocks to generate a wide variety of 1-8 channel audio applications in consumer or professional audio products. The ASX Series is based on ICEPower’s HCOM class D topology and is fully compatible with the ICExtend extension modules allowing to add ErP(1275/2008) compliant stand-by functionality, universal mains and +5V auxiliary power supply.

The new ICEpower ultra-compact 16-channel amplifier, also based on ICEmatch technology, combines separate ICEpower80AM2 (80W) amplifiers and two ICEpower400SM (400W) power supply modules in a 1U enclosure amplifier. One 400SM can power from one up to eight 80AM2 amplifiers, offering endless design possibilities to develop everything from custom installation multi-channel amplifiers to home theatre receivers, active loudspeakers, studio monitors, steerable column speakers, etc.

The 400SM universal mains switch mode power supply features both +5V and +/- 12V auxiliary power supply, wake on signal sense, 12V trigger input and status LED indicators, with a comprehensive protection system, with a total of 9 independent protection circuits monitoring temperatures, currents and voltages of the different functional blocks of the 400SM.

The 80AM2 is a slim and light amplifier module based on the company’s HCOM modulation and MECC control techniques, in 2 x 80W a 4Ohm single ended or 1 x 160W at 8Ohm bridged (BTL) configuration.
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