Line 6 New AMPLIFi TT Guitar Amp, Effects, and Bluetooth Streaming Speaker

December 2 2014, 06:00
When Line 6 introduced its AMPLIFi Guitar Cabinet and Bluetooth streaming system with iOS control at the 2014 NAMM Show, the company achieved something new—exploring wireless audio consumer trends and combining it with exciting mobile app possibilities to bring musical instruments to home and rehearsal environments in a completely new way.

Line 6 understands that musicians like to play anytime, anywhere, and how to combine guitar amplification and speaker technology  to create an entirely new kind of guitar amplifier and high-performance streaming Bluetooth speaker with great sound.

As Paul Foeckler, CEO of Line 6 (and former Digidesign/Avid product specialist) stated, “Eighteen years ago, Line 6 revolutionized the guitar amp market by releasing the world’s first modeling amplifier. And now we’re doing it again. AMPLIFi completely redefines the guitar amplifier, bringing together our customers’ musical and personal lives like no other device.”

Now, Line 6 has created the AMPLIFi TT to enable musicians to transform any stereo system into a guitar amplfier and Bluetooth streaming system with great guitar amp tones. As the company explains, “we only have to connect the—nicely designed and compact—AMPLIFi TT guitar processor to any stereo system to get instantly a great-sounding guitar amp and Bluetooth streaming speaker system.

AMPLIFi TT makes jamming, practicing, and recording easy and accessible, and enables guitarists to develop their musicianship while they interact with music. The new solution also builds on the growing momentum of the AMPLIFi product line. “The AMPLIFi family is the most innovative and exciting line of products for guitarists to play with,” says Marcus Ryle, Line 6 Chief Strategy Officer. “AMPLIFi TT delivers the AMPLIFi experience in an ultra-powerful yet compact size that fits everywhere, so guitarists can take advantage of every spare moment and enjoy playing guitar more often.”

AMPLIFi TT features powerful DSP processing power and delivers over 200 award-winning amps and effects with incredible sound quality. Guitarists can choose from thousands of professionally designed presets and AMPLIFi TT provides a streamlined way to record over USB to Mac, PC, or iOS (iOS recording via camera connection kit) with low-latency monitoring.

The AMPLIFi Remote app, available for iOS and Android, works with the entire AMPLIFi family, enabling guitar players to instantly dial up new tones. The app connects to an ever-expanding cloud database, allowing guitarists to instantly match tones to tracks in their music library (loading up a new track to the AMPLIFi Remote app we get a matching tone automatically). Since the AMPLIFi product family launched in January 2014, users have created almost 100,000 unique tones, while the number of tones available for tone-match results has nearly tripled.

The Line 6 AMPLIFi TT comes loaded with more than 70 guitar amp models, more than 100 effects, and more than 20 speaker cabinet models. It enables users to add up to eight simultaneous effects and select up to four different tones directly from the front panel, plus tap tempo and tuner. Bluetooth streaming audio works with any Android, iOS, Mac, and PC audio source. The unit feature a 1/4” guitar input and a 1/8” Stereo Aux input with 1/4”, RCA and TOSLINK outputs, apart from the 1/4” headphone output in the front, plus FBV foot pedal and USB connections.
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