Calrec Introduces New Summa 128 Channels Console and Dante Interface

September 12 2014, 18:54
IBC 2014 - Calrec - now a ProAudio Group company with DiGiCo and Allen & Heath - introduced a brand new variant on the Summa console with 128 channels, conceived as an alternative for broadcasters who do not require the larger channel count of the original Summa console. The Summa control surface has a highly-intuitive GUI, making it suitable for a broad range of operator levels. Control is via a 17-inch multi-touch screen inspired by tablet-technology which is immediately familiar, with a straightforward interface which uses established finger gestures.

Summa 128 has been designed for live broadcast applications with a clear focus on ease of operation, allowing fast and easy access to controls. According to Calrec, on Summa 128 even complex workflow tasks such as creating mix-minus feeds are simplified. 

The console uses Calrec’s powerfull Bluefin2 technology at its core and the same integral Hydra2 router technology as all Bluefin2 consoles, technologies which are in use 24-hours a day at hundreds of facilities across the globe. 

New Dante Interface and Suite of Assistive Apps
Calrec also launched a Dante interface which works in conjunction with Hydra2 across the entire range of Calrec Bluefin2 consoles. The development gives Dante connectivity to every client on a Hydra2 network via a simple, single width 3U I/O interface card. This provides 64 audio input channels and 64 audio output channels. Connectivity is via dual-redundant RJ45 Ethernet connectors on the card’s front panel.

Soccer Assist, Ice Hockey Assist and Fader Assist are a suite of apps designed to simplify workflow and provide operators with new ways to interface with Calrec consoles.

The Assist suite of iPad apps take advantage of Calrec’s CSCP remote control protocol to simplify workflow and provide operators with new ways to interface with Calrec consoles. 

Soccer and Ice Hockey Assist allows operators to simplify the complex tasks of tracking audio during a game, providing an alternative approach for highly experienced operators while allowing those with less experience to create a quality mix very simply.

Fader Assist allows operators to remotely control fader level, PFL, cut/on and aux/main routing on all Calrec Bluefin2 consoles. The ability to remotely control these fader functions from any location within a Wi-Fi range provides a new level of flexibility and convenience for both mixing and set up.

“In today’s busy production environments, there is increasing pressure on operators to create a more immersive viewing experience,” says Calrec’s Head of Sales Henry Goodman. “One of the many tasks the audio operator must manage is capturing all important events during live sporting occasions while maintaining a steady background level of crowd and venue noise. Calrec has developed these apps as an assistive tool to ease the pressure in this demanding working environment.”

The range of apps will be available on the App Store in late September.
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