BenQ’s eVolo: The World’s First Electrostatic Bluetooth Speaker

October 1 2014, 08:00
Just in time for the holiday season, BenQ’s all-new eVolo portable Bluetooth speaker will make a perfect gift for any discriminating individual. BenQ’s eVolo is the world’s first Bluetooth speaker featuring electrostatic technology, which, according to the brand, allows “to reproduce sound with astonishing clarity and absolute precision — boasting unparalleled highs and accurate bass for anywhere/anytime listening.” 

Previously available exclusively in high-end freestanding speakers, BenQ adopted an electrostatic design to differentiate it’s portable speaker, signaling a grand-entrance in this booming market. According to the company, the result “delivers superior sonic quality that cleanly and crisply transports every musical nuance to set a new standard in wireless speakers.”

Better known for its best-selling DLP projector range, BenQ’s eVolo's features a beautifully designed and elegant Euro-style chassis with collapsible electrostatic side-panels (or “wings”, as they call it) which when opened generates bidirectional sound As the company explains, “Unlike conventional speakers, this speaker’s entire thin-film diaphragm is designed for bidirectional sound projection over a large surface area, radiating a high level of audio detail from every angle for a listening experience that is open yet intimate”

The new speaker also uses aptX Bluetooth, being also an aptX transmitter in addition to being a speaker, featuring automatic speakerphone functionality for answering incoming calls when paired with smartphones and a 3.5mm auxiliary port. Even though no further specifications are yet available, BenQ’s eVolo supports streaming music from iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, or from any personal digital library. Not a small technological feat for electrostatic panels, eVolo also offers compact speaker portability for 12 straight hours on a single rechargeable battery charge.
The BenQ portable electrostatic speakers will be available worldwide from November 2014.
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