Dayton Audio Expands Bluetooth Convenience with New Class D Amp Boards and Integrated Amplifiers

March 7 2019, 00:20
Dayton Audio continues to expand its portfolio of wireless audio solutions with the introduction of new KAB Class D amplifier boards with Bluetooth streaming, to support any speaker build, point-of-purchase display, kiosk, or any type of product where music or sound enhances the experience. Dayton also introduced a new updated version of one of its most popular amplifiers, with the new APA102BT Class D Stereo 60 WPC Bluetooth Amplifier, and launched the new DTA Pro, a complete amplifier with Bluetooth, USB DAC, and wireless remote control.

The new KAB amplifier boards from Dayton Audio offer industry leading performance and features all in a board the size of a deck of cards. Able to be powered with any DC power source from 12-24VDC the Dayton Audio KAB boards can be used almost anywhere.
The KAB mono amplifier boards include 60 watt [KAB-60M] and 100 watt [KAB-100M] versions. Stereo boards are offered in 2 x 30 watt [KAB-230v3], and 2 x 50 watt [KAB-250v3] versions. With numerous plug-and-play accessory options ranging from volume controls, aux inputs, battery boards, and mounting brackets.  

Each amplifier board utilizes a highly efficient Texas Instrument Class D chipset and features onboard Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX technology. For any orders of 20 units and up the Bluetooth name can be changed to a custom message or phrase. From the simple hobbyist to OEM manufacturing the KAB amplifier boards and accessories offer a unique flexible solution to any type of audio project.

The Convenience of Bluetooth
One of Dayton Audio's top-selling amps, now has Bluetooth! The APA102BT was developed as an upgrade to the original APA102, now featuring Bluetooth 4.2 with aptX. In addition to Bluetooth 4.2, the APA102BT features two auto-source switching RCA line inputs as well as a master line output, great for feeding additional zones or even powered subwoofers. Removable rack ears are also included for quick and easy rack installations.

The APA102BT features 80 watts RMS per channel into 4 ohms and 60 watts RMS per channel into 8 ohms. In bridge mono mode both amplifier channels are combined for high power monaural output. Rated at 160 watts RMS bridged into an 8 ohm load, the APA102BT has enough power for even the most demanding applications.
Dayton Audio also launched the DTA-PRO, a unique all-in-one amplifier that fuses high-end audio quality with functionality, and ergonomics. Modern amenities such as Bluetooth, USB DAC, IR remote, and a subwoofer output make the versatile DTA-PRO a perfect all-inclusive amplifier for almost any 2.1 home audio system.

Highly efficient class-D amplifier topology delivers an uncolored, pleasing audio experience. The DTA-PRO offers 100W of power, enough to drive even the most demanding of speakers. In addition to a powerful stereo amplifier, the DTA-PRO also features a line level output for a powered subwoofer. 

The DTA-PRO comes fully equipped with a variety of commonly used input sources including aptX Bluetooth 4.2, optical, USB, and stereo 3.5mm. The DTA-PRO can also be used as a high-quality DAC. With a 192 kHz/24-bit sampling rate, the DTA-PRO is extremely capable for use as DAC in any critical listening system or 2.1 home theaters. The included IR remote provides total control over amplifier features.

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