Dayton Audio Introduces HTA100BT Hybrid Stereo Tube Amplifier with Bluetooth and USB Inputs and Sub Out

July 31 2020, 09:10
Combining the best of modern amp technology and functionality, the new Dayton Audio HTA100BT provides all of the stability expected from a solid-state class AB amp with the added benefit of classic vacuum tube sonic performance. A follow-up model to the Dayton Audio HTA20BT Hybrid Stereo Tube Amplifier, reviewed by audioXpress, the HTA100BT is a cool little amplifier design with all the added features one could wish for, at a very affordable list price of just $210 USD!

Avoiding the debate of what type of amplifier produces a better listening experience, Dayton Audio harnessed the best qualities of two different topologies in a very affordable, little integrated desk amplifier. Utilizing a solid-state class AB amp and a tube preamp section, the HTA100BT is able to reproduce the warmth and character of tube amps, combined with the flexibility the modern world expects.

With an output power rating of 50 watts per channel at 4 ohms, the HTA100BT is perfect to drive any stereo speaker system and connect almost any home audio listening source. The added convenience of Bluetooth 4.2 ensures the option to connect any wireless streaming source, while an auxiliary USB and two analog RCA inputs offer all the perfect options for integration with any home components. The USB input will read the most common audio formats, including MP3, WMA, WAV, and APE. And a mono RCA subwoofer output offers the ability to enjoy a more powerful 2.1 system sound when connected to an active sub.

Causing a positive impression is the overall Dayton Audio HTA100BT design, starting with the brushed aluminum housing with vintage front panel VU meters that lend a clean, modern look with a nod to classic aesthetics. The exposed tubes only add to the aesthetic of the HTA100BT. And short circuit protection circuitry prevents amp failure. Finally, a large volume knob, complete with bass and treble controls is available in the front panel, with additional simple controls that allow users to skip songs, play/pause, and change the input source.

Dayton Audio products can be purchased through authorized resellers including Parts Express

Editor note: For our readers asking why did our original post stated erroneously that this was a class D amp, that was the original preliminary information we received from Dayton Audio. That information was since altered in Dayton's website and we have also corrected the post accordingly.  
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