Fresh From the Bench: Lepai LP40PA Mini Stereo Plate Amplifier

April 17 2019, 10:15
David Logvin explores the Lepai LP40PA ultra-compact amplifier, a versatile Class D common plate amp module with fully integrated Bluetooth 4.2 receiver and 3.5 mm stereo inputs, ideal for converting existing passive speakers into convenient portable and wireless units that can be placed anywhere. Parts Express provided audioXpress with this plate amplifier for review, and it seems that building powered speakers is easier than ever. At least, the Lepai LP40PA has plenty of power for a pair of bookshelf speakers as Logvin experimented.

The Lepai LP40PA provides a simple and elegant solution that is as easy to deploy as any common plate amplifier. There is no coding required, nor the need for external daughterboards, BT modules, or transceivers. Simply connect the mains power, pair your mobile device, and begin streaming. Given the small footprint (it mounts into a svelte 2.6” × 0.79” cutout), providing onboard Bluetooth is a definite plus and a smart design choice for today’s enthusiast market.

This article was originally published in audioXpress, January 2019.

Read the full review now available here.
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