7 Sensing Software Joins Qualcomm Extension Program with Hearing Augmentation and Voice Processing Solutions

December 15 2020, 00:45
7 Sensing Software, an embedded software development company active in audio processing and machine learning targeting wearable and hearable applications, announced that it joined the Qualcomm Extension Program. With this confirmation, 7 Sensing Software is now able to offer its Hearing Augmentation and Pure Voice solutions for wireless earbuds and headsets running on the ultra low power, premium-tier Qualcomm QCC5100 Bluetooth SoC family.

Headquartered in Leuven, Belgium, 7 Sensing applies a combination of on-device and cloud-based machine learning on multi-modal sensing solutions in the audio, imaging, optical and spectral domains for mobile, wearable, industrial and smart home applications. As an independent software vendor that aims to enable new sensing solutions by providing algorithm IP licensing, software development and integration services, 7 Sensing Software expects that the announcement of joining the Qualcomm Extension Program will create industry awareness for its two key software solutions in the true wireless space. 

As true wireless earbuds are becoming the favorite device for calls on the go, working from home, or from a busy office, 7 Sensing's Pure Voice provides a complete voice engine with advanced background noise and wind noise suppression, leveraging in-ear microphones and bone conduction sensors. And the company's latest Hearing Augmentation solution takes ANC devices with transparency modes to the next level, combining smart amplification, noise suppression and low latency.

7 Sensing is confident that its Pure Voice voice-calling solution is able to significantly outperform existing solutions used in existing commercial devices, while its Hearing Augmentation features will help brands differentiate their new-generation products, by enabling advanced transparency for super hearing and increased awareness, much like what Apple offers on Airpods Pro with their accessibility/amplification feature. 

Bone conduction sensors, voice accelerometers or in-ear microphones as used for ANC, can help tackle these development challenges in combination with 7 Sensing’s Pure Voice software suite. And 7 Sensing's solutions are also able to combine extra real time beamforming capacities, with noise reduction and voice intelligibility enhancement.

"Even with the recent advances in true wireless earbud technology, the quality of voice calling and keyword detection can leave some consumers wanting more, especially in noisy environments," the company states. "Pure Voice acoustically blends the signals from multiple sources to make sure your voice will always be crystal-clear, stripped clean from unwanted ambient noise. Your customer will only hear your words, even when you are calling from an open office or busy street corner. Your voice assistant will never miss a beat, even when you are in your car, in a crowded café or outside in the wind."

As an embedded software development company, 7 Sensing has the skills to port its algorithms onto a wide variety of devices and silicon, optimizing its software for memory and computational requirements. The company is particularly committed to implemented new Hearing Augmentation features. "After ANC, Hearing Augmentation is the next killer feature for TWS earbuds," they state. 

Already with many years of technical experience working with state-of-the-art sensors and compute platforms, through investors and an ecosystem of partners (ams AG is an investor in 7 Sensing), the company is ready to take on new engineering challenges and projects. "Our low footprint embedded audio DSP and machine learning are at the core of our DNA," the company adds.

Supported platform cores for 7 Sensing's solutions already include Qualcomm Kalimba, Cadence Tensilica Hifi mini/3/5, and ARM Cortex M4f. Pure Voice from 7 Sensing is already available on the Qualcomm QCC5100 series SoCs, while its latest Hearing Augmentation software solutions are now being implemented on the same Qualcomm series.
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