Valens In-Vehicle Ultra-High-Speed Connectivity Chipsets Receive CES Innovation Awards Recognition

November 13 2019, 00:10
Valens, the company behind HDBase-T connectivity, the "de facto" standard adopted in the AV industry, is now pushing the technology for automotive applications since launching its latest VA6000 HDBaseT integrated circuit, combining 1Gbps Ethernet transmission, Audio, Serial Control, and USB over unshielded single twisted pair lower cost cables. The technology was now confirmed a CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree.

Valens' latest chipset – the VA608A – introduces an advanced automotive connectivity technology for smart and connected vehicles, providing resilient ultra-high-speed, long-distance data transmission for connected and autonomous vehicles, converging a range of interfaces (such as audio & video, Ethernet, USB, controls, PCIe, power) over a simple infrastructure (such as a single UTP wire).

"We are honored to have our technology chosen as an Innovation Awards Honoree," says Daniel Adler, Vice President & Head of Automotive Business Unit at Valens. "We are continuously engaged with the automotive OEMs and Tier-1s leaders to understand the challenges of the market today, and to make sure we can address these with our solutions. Innovation is one of Valens' core values, and we are proud to have introduced the industry's highest-performing, next-generation automotive chipsets, enabling unprecedented ultra-high-speed connectivity."

Valens Automotive technology enables the tunneling of simultaneous streams of high-throughput data to support the many cameras, sensors, LiDARs, and displays in the vehicle. Valens' chipsets provide a single, holistic, cost-effective approach to address those challenges of connectivity, significantly reducing software complexity, with proper mechanisms to ensure high resilience, such as error correction (RTS), adaptive modulation, and real-time noise cancellers.

Already recognized in the AV industry as a cost-effective and compact option for many applications such as interactive touch kiosks, USB extensions for conference rooms, IP-based video walls and video-on-demand entertainment systems, Valens' technology has been also recognized by the MIPI Alliance as the most resilient technology for in-vehicle ultra-high-speed connectivity. 

At CES 2020 (LVCC, North Hall, Booth 9005) Valens will promote new advanced demonstrations of the technology.
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