USB-IF Announces a New Certified USB Charger Logo and Compliance Program

August 19 2016, 03:00
USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF), the support organization for the advancement and adoption of USB technology, announced a Certified USB Charger Compliance and Logo Program to establish USB chargers for compliant USB Type-C devices including laptops, tablets, smartphones, docking stations, displays and other products. Based upon the USB Type-C and USB Power Delivery specifications, Certified USB Chargers will display a new logo identifying the power capability in watts.

The Certified USB Charger Program from USB-IF also intends to remind consumers to purchase compliant USB products from trusted sources that display USB-IF certified logos on packaging, in product briefs or on the cable or device itself. New certified USB Type-C chargers will resemble a traditional power brick or wall wart, provide faster charging and be interoperable with compliant USB Type-C products.

As more products adopt USB Type-C and USB Power Delivery, certified USB Chargers, based upon the USB Type-C and USB Power Delivery specifications, will free consumers from the obligation to purchase and maintain multiple chargers. Reusing chargers and reducing the total number of chargers needed will help minimize electronic waste in landfills. Additionally, Certified USB Chargers will be convenient and easy to use for consumers.

“USB-IF understands consumers want to carry less equipment without sacrificing battery life or flexibility,” says Jeff Ravencraft, USB-IF President and COO. “Guided by the USB brand promise of ‘it just works,’ the Certified USB Charger Program will make it easier to share device chargers across the compliant USB Type-C landscape, whether consumers are at home, in the office or anywhere in between.”

“The future of consumer tech is mobility and letting technology disappear into the background,” says Rahman Ismail, USB-IF CTO. “Certified USB Chargers will give users an interoperable power source and a seamless experience. From displays, to smartphones and docking stations, the industry is aligning behind USB Type-C and USB Power Delivery as the last wire you’ll ever need for faster charging.”

Non-compliant chargers, whether USB or otherwise, pose a risk to the functionality and interoperability of electronics. USB-IF compliance means that products have met the highest standards in the industry, were certified to be compliant to the specification and have been tested for interoperability with other USB products. USB certification is one step toward OEMs developing great products; however, it is not a substitute or replacement for local, state, federal or international safety regulations or agencies. Companies are reminded to allocate the necessary resources to build compliant products and submit them for testing by the USB-IF Compliance Program to achieve USB-IF certification.
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