TDK Introduces Lowest Pulse Density Modulation Multi-Mode MEMS Microphone With Acoustic Activity Detect

January 13 2021, 06:10
InvenSense, a TDK Group company, announced a comprehensive portfolio of new technology solutions during the 2021 Consumer Electronics Showcase. Among the expanded MEMS portfolio, the new T5838 SmartSound MEMS microphone offers a low power mode of just 130uAmps and a high-quality mode of 330uAmps, while supporting a dynamic range of 68dN SNR and 133dB AOP at 20kHz bandwidth. Optimized for smartphones, microphone arrays, smart speakers, and headsets, the T5838 supports configurable wake-on-sound at power levels as low as 20 µA.

As a leading supplier of MEMS sensor technologies, TDK InvenSense introduced new solutions for applications in mobile, smart home, wearable, and automotive segments. The company's CES 2021 showcase targeted OEMs wishing to learn about market advancements, and recognize new trends in product development and design.

Among the new products from TDK InvenSense, there are three new SmartIndustrial MEMS sensors including the IIM-42652 - the company's smallest, lowest power and cost 6-axis Industrial IMU solution; the IIM-42352 - a very low noise and low power 3-axis accelerometer solution; and the IIM-42351 - for a wide range of industrial IoT applications.

In the SmartAutomotive sensor family, the InvenSense IMU IAM-20685 high-performance automotive 6-Axis MotionTracking sensor platform for ADAS and autonomous systems was demonstrated together with two high-performance SmartMotion motion-tracking sensor solutions with dedicated bundled software for IoT, smart TV, robotics, AR, VR, and wearable applications. The ICM-40627 and the ICM-42688-V are respectively a high precision ultra-low-power and premium high performance 6-axis MEMS MotionTracking device that combine a 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer in 2.5mm x 3mm x 0.9mm packages.

The company's range of SmartSonic sensors also highlighted new miniature (3.5mm package), ultra-low power, short- and long-range ultrasonic Time-of-Flight range sensors, capable of ranging to targets of any composition up to 5 meters and detecting presence and minor motion under any lighting condition.

"InvenSense’s vast set of sensor technologies and products are transforming the consumer electronics industry for our partners, customers, developers and our eco-system," says Amir Panush, CEO of InvenSense, a TDK Group company, and General Manager of TDK Corporation’s MEMS Sensors Business Group. "At this 2021 digital CES, we are launching a strong portfolio of solutions that are humanizing sensing and enabling the acceleration of IoT development, big data, and consumer-to-machine adaption and proliferation."

Lowest Power PDM Microphone with Acoustic Activity Detect
Smartphones, hearables and connected devices continue to drive the requirement for lower-power "Always-On" sensors. Responding to market demand, TDK InvenSense introduced the new T5838 digital pulse density modulation (PDM) output, multi-mode MEMS microphone which adds Acoustic Activity Detect (AAD) capability, offers world leading low power and wide dynamic range, all in an industry-standard footprint.

The latest technology breakthrough in the InvenSense SmartSound product family, the T5838 is a 68dB SNR, 133dB AOP digital MEMS microphone in a standard 3.5×2.65×0.98mm surface‐mount package, optimized for smartphones, microphone arrays, smart speakers, headsets and more. The microphone offers an exceptionally efficient 130 µA ultra-low power mode to support "Always-On" applications. The T5838 has outstanding low current of 330 µA in "High Quality Mode," supporting high fidelity audio with 68dB SNR and 133dB AOP, with extended frequency response from 35 Hz to >20 kHz.

And the T5838 adds Acoustic Activity Detect (AAD) capability, which supports configurable wake-on-sound functionality at power levels as low as 20 µA. AAD is a new ultra-low power edge processing feature where the microphone monitors the acoustic environment and wakes up the SoC or application processor when activity is detected. It is available with three modes of operation starting at just 20 µA total current draw from the microphone. It provides user programmability to apply various filters and thresholds for optimized performance for each application. It also supports 8kHz bandwidth output for "Always-On" systems requiring audio buffering for cloud processing. 

As Kieran Harney, Managing Director - Audio Products at InvenSense explains, "With the T5838’s latest technology breakthroughs, complementing our SmartSound portfolio of microphones, TDK continues to lead the industry and bring innovative human-sensing to the market."

T5838 samples are available now, with volume production expected in the second quarter 2021.
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