TDK Announces New EMC Components with High-Current Noise Suppression Filters for Audio Lines

September 6 2018, 01:00
TDK announced an expansion to its range of noise suppression filters for audio lines. The MAF1005G series now features low DC resistance and high rated current of up to 1.25 A, offering noise suppression at cellular frequencies from 600 MHz to 2.7 GHz. Due to their high rated current and compact dimensions, the components are ideally suited for the audio lines of external smartphone speakers and other compact communication devices such as headphones and microphones.

The MAF1005G series of noise suppression filters for audio lines includes four new MAF1005GAD-D types, which, thanks to their low DC resistance, feature a high rated current of up to 1.25 A. The new types employ TDK's proprietary low-distortion ferrite that enables the new components to suppress noise and ensure high audio quality.

Available in case size IEC 1005, the new noise suppression filters have miniaturized dimensions of just 1.0 mm x 0.5 mm x 0.5 mm and feature a performance approaching that of the much larger MAF1608G series in IEC 1608. Mass production of the components starts in September 2018.

With this series extension, TDK now offers a broad lineup of noise suppression filters for cellular band frequencies, Class D amplifiers (100 MHz to 400 MHz) and FM band frequencies (66 MHz to 108 MHz). TDK will continue to expand its portfolio for more target band frequencies and further miniaturization.
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