Synopsys Introduces First Complete DesignWare USB4 IP Solution With Support for All Features in the USB4 Specification

June 5 2020, 04:10
Synopsys Introduces First Complete DesignWare USB4 IP Solution With Support for All Features in the USB4 Specification
Synopsys Introduces First Complete DesignWare USB4 IP Solution With Support for All Features in the USB4 Specification
Start the USB4 roll out! Synopsys, introduced the industry's first complete DesignWare USB4 IP solution consisting of controllers, routers, PHYs, and verification IP. The DesignWare USB4 IP operates at up to 40 Gbps, which is twice the maximum data rate of USB 3.2 and is backwards compatible with USB 3.x and USB 2.0 systems. The DesignWare USB4 IP supports multiple high-speed interface protocols, including USB4, DisplayPort 1.4a TX, PCI Express, and Thunderbolt 3 for efficient data transfer and simultaneous delivery of data, power, and high-resolution video through a single USB Type-C cable.

Synopsys has already achieved successful test chip tapeout of its USB4 IP in an advanced 5nm FinFET process, demonstrating the robustness of the IP across process, voltage, and temperature variations. The new DesignWare USB4 IP is designed to meet the functionality, power, performance, and area requirements of a broad range of storage, PC, and tablet SoC designs as well as software development debug and easy deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) applications at the edge. As the leading provider of USB IP for nearly two decades, Synopsys is enabling designers to lower the risk and adoption barrier of integrating USB4 functionality into their SoCs.

The DesignWare USB4 Router IP enables efficient connectivity between all supported protocols and are pre-verified with the USB4 Controller IP for millions of simulated CPU hours to help ensure long-term performance and interoperability. The DesignWare USB4 PHY IP offers a highly efficient power profile while supporting all required protocols in approximately one-third the area of independent PHYs. The Synopsys USB4 Verification IP Solution includes built-in coverage, protocol checkers, Verdi protocol-aware debug technology for Host and Device router topologies, and a comprehensive source code test suite for USB, PCI Express, and DisplayPort tunneled protocols to accelerate verification closure.

"As an active member of the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) for more than 20 years, Synopsys has helped to advance USB specifications while developing IP products that ease the integration and adoption of the latest USB technologies," says Jeff Ravencraft, president and COO of USB-IF. "Initial USB4 products are expected to appear in late 2020 and the early availability of integration-ready USB4 IP is critical to helping designers incorporate the USB4 interface into their SoCs. Synopsys continues to support the industry by helping designers ensure interoperability and connectivity with billions of USB-enabled devices worldwide."

"Synopsys has been at the forefront of providing high-quality, complete IP solutions through every generation of widely used interface standards such as USB," says John Koeter, senior vice president of marketing and strategy for IP at Synopsys. "By providing a complete USB4 IP solution, backed by billions of SoCs shipped with DesignWare USB IP and our long track record of technical expertise, Synopsys enables designers to accelerate the integration of high-performance USB4 functionality into their SoCs with significantly less risk."

DesignWare USB4 PHYs, Device Router, Controllers, and Synopsys Verification IP are available for developers and manufacturers now.

Visit the Synopsys DesignWare USB4 IP website here
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