Stenheim Premieres New Alumine Three Speaker in Chicago and Shanghai

April 9 2019, 00:40
A world premiere not to be missed at Axpona 2019 (April 12-14) in Chicago, or for those attending the Shanghai SIAV 2019 Show (also April 12-14), Stenheim will be unveiling its latest Alumine Three speaker, the product of many years of research and understanding of audio technology. As Stenheim states, while some manufacturers focus on the senses and others on technology, Stenheim's Made in Switzerland approach combines the two "because we understand the impact of physical constraints on subjective listening quality," they explain.

As Stenheim also declares, the Alumine Three is its most advanced compact floor standing speaker yet. A 3-way design using four high efficiency transducers, including two 8-inch woofers, one 5,25-inch neodymium midrange drivers, and a neodymium tweeter fitted in a massive aluminum cabinet with 3 independent chambers, two closed for the mid and tweeter, and one chamber with a laminar flow front port. The configuration uses a passive 3-way crossover built with high-grade components, able to handle 150 W RMS or 300 W peak at 8 ohms, with a 93 dB sensitivity at half space. The aluminum speaker wights approx. 70 kg (including adjustable feet).

With the Alumine Three, Stenheim has distilled the exceptional quality of its renowned Alumine Five speaker ($60,000 for the pair) into a more compact housing, creating an even more accessible music experience for those who can afford the best. This is reflected in its timeless, refined design with clean lines and light, neutral shades, built to last.

Made in Switzerland, in line with previous Stenheim designs, the new Alumine Three speaker takes a lot of inspiration from the all-aluminum Alumine Five and shares its core technical specifications, including extremely high efficiency. It can also be combined with a high-quality low power amplifier, starting as low as 10W. However, the Alumine Three’s more compact housing sets it apart, enabling extremely high performance at a lower price point.
As Stenheim states, the Alumine Three adopts cutting-edge technology specifically for the benefit of musicians and music, designed to bring music to life.
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