SoundChip Introduces Soundstation Array for Hybrid Noise Cancelling Headphone Development

October 15 2018, 00:45
SoundChip introduced Soundstation Array, a spatially-limited diffuse sound field measurement platform designed to help brands characterize and tune hybrid noise cancelling headphones. Soundstation Array leverages SoundChip-sponsored post-graduate research into the minimum requirements for generating a sound field that is sufficiently diffuse for ensuring repeatable and reproducible measurements of noise cancelling headphones, without the need for an anechoic or reverberation chamber.

Rather than target strict conformity with International Standard definitions of diffusivity, Soundstation Array takes a more pragmatic approach that has been proven to provide an effective means for obtaining laboratory-grade results within a small office environment, effectively assisting acoustic engineers working on the development of challenging noise cancelling systems, enabling repeatable and reproducible measurements of feedback, feed-forward and hybrid noise cancelling headphones.
Introduced at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair Autumn edition (October 13-16, 2018), Soundstation Array comprises a robust steel frame with adjustable speaker brackets, allowing four two-way loudspeakers to be located at the vertices of a tetrahedron. Coupled with a subwoofer, multichannel soundcard and amplifier, and a software-based signal generator, Soundstation Array provides the engineer with an acoustic field large enough to accommodate a standard Head-and-Torso-Simulator (HATS), or even a human test subject, and diffuse enough to return stable measurements up to 3 kHz.

The solution renders a spatially-limited diffuse sound field with broadband, statistically decorrelated noise at each source, and can be supplied with an optional SW-based equalizer to minimize difference between adjacent third octave bands (31.5 Hz to 8000 Hz).

Soundstation Array is supplied with a rigid frame, loudspeakers, subwoofer, multichannel soundcard and amplifier, which together provide the capability to render a standalone, spatially-limited diffuse sound field for the precise measurement and characterization of hybrid noise cancelling headphones.

Soundstation Array can be operated within any type of environment, with no restriction on the proximity of locally reflecting surfaces, and enables performance comparisons to be made from measurements taken in different room environments. The frame comprises internal cable runs, ensuring neat installation and safe usage, and it can be easily assembled / dismantled using a single hex key. The height of the four loudspeaker brackets may be adjusted to suit different test fixtures, including HATS or human test subjects.
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