Sound Particles releases Free eBook on Immersive Audio: “All You Need to Know About 3D Audio”

September 9 2020, 09:10
Software company Sound Particles, serving the content creation industry and particularly popular among Hollywood movie studios and game production companies, is widely recognized has one of the smartest sound design tools for immersive and spatial audio content. Now, the company's founder and CEO, Nuno Fonseca, wrote an introductory book on the fundamentals of 3D audio, and his company made it available as a free eBook.

Founded by Nuno Fonseca, a University professor and member of multiple AES technical and standards committees on audio for cinema, audio for games, and spatial audio, Sound Particles is a fast growing software company in this space. The company's products are used in all major productions, with the most recent examples being "Star Wars 9", "Frozen II", or TV series such as "Game of Thrones".

And Sound Particles has real working experience with the main production houses that are creating content in Dolby Atmos or other channel or object-based audio formats, and its team has experience with Ambisonics (aka scene-based audio), and binaural productions for all sorts of projects, from virtual reality to games. All those topics are clearly described in this eBook, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each approach.

As a professor in computer science and music technology, Nuno Fonseca (PhD) was also the original creator of Sound Particles' software, using a 3D CGI-like approach to audio software. That was a fundamental differentiator for the company, creating a new approach to 3D audio, based on the way it uses particle animation, physics and acoustics as the foundational structure to generate sound from "virtual air". Nuno also wrote other books on sound engineering and co-wrote a book about iOS Development, apart from being the author of more than 20 audio research papers.

We are certain that "All You Need To Know About 3D Audio” is just the introduction to a larger book to be published sooner or later by Nuno Fonseca, but for now it certainly supports the goal of helping professionals around the world to transition into the immersive audio field.

"With this new eBook, sound enthusiasts will be able to find all the answers they’re looking for in a detailed, complete and easy to read guide. Immersive Sound is the next big thing in audio. Cinema, TV, VR/AR, Videogames, Music, Installations - everyone is moving to 3D audio as a way to immerse audiences and improve their experiences. However, 3D audio brings new concepts and some new/old technologies that professionals may not understand at first, with buzzwords such as 7.1.2, VBAP, 22.2, objects, beds, B-format, AmbiX, ACN, SN3D, HRTF, HRIR. This eBook summarizes the most relevant information on this topic, covering channel-based audio, object-based audio, Ambisonics, and binaural," explains the company.

"3D Sound is the future, and the last big challenge in audio," says Nuno Fonseca. “Yes, it may be a little confusing for someone to understand all the formats that currently exist, but the goal of this eBook is to give people the initial push, allowing everyone to start working on this new creative field."

To get a free copy of the book, you can visit Sound Particles website here.
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