Sonus Faber Launches New Lumina Line of High-End Speakers

September 9 2020, 00:45
Sonus faber announced the new Lumina collection, a new home speaker line conceived on the notion that now, more than ever, it is important to savor time for ourselves and celebrate life’s precious moments. Available with three models for stereo or home theater 5.1 configurations, the new Lumina series speakers are available in three luxury finishes using refined materials and careful craftsmanship. All models offer the natural sound reproduction and voicing of Sonus faber in one of the most affordable speaker series ever from the brand.

"In today’s world, we have come to fully appreciate our living spaces where these moments come to life. Sound is one of the main elements that defines the way we live, with music raising our spirits, echoing our emotions, inspiring feelings of nostalgia and creating an atmosphere of belonging that starts in our homes. Music is the universal language able to activate processes in your body, in your mind, in your heart and in your soul. The true sound of music is something everyone deserves to have in their homes," says Sonos faber in the introduction text to the new Lumina speaker series.
“Lumina” in Latin means “Light" but also a source of energy and life. To Sonus faber, this name can be broken down further to add complexity to the term, becoming a sort of acronym. The first two letters stand for "luxury" - the taste of precious moments, the discovery of refined details and the understanding of truly relevant things. The second two letters stand for "minimalist." This principal of minimalism directly captures the essence of the product, which was thoughtfully designed in conjunction with the theory “less is more.” 

The new collection comprises the core values of Sonus faber and the precious materials that identify the brand, such as real multilayer wood and leather and combines them with incredible performance in a simple yet luxurious design. Simplicity remains central to the collection’s identity with its easy set-up, accessible price point, and excellent sound performance - empowering everyone to enjoy a true Sonus faber experience.

Finally, the last two letters embody the "natural" sound reproduction and Voice of Sonus faber. The Lumina electro-acoustic project targets solutions designed for modern lifestyles and various listening environments, without compromising performance. The speakers are designed to configure multichannel systems and multimedia solutions, offering excellent room coverage, while the update design makes the Lumina speakers incredibly adaptable to any placement — even close to a back wall or on a bookshelf.
The Lumina collection features three models. The Lumina I is an extremely compact bookshelf speaker, that looks great as an individual stereo pair or as surround speaker in a cinema setup. The largest model, the Lumina III, is an elegant floor-standing design that ensures powerful, distortion-free sound and high speech intelligibility for any type of content, including movies. Finally, the Lumina Center I is a center channel speaker, aligned in appearance and acoustics to fit perfectly with its siblings in the full collection. This combination of models allows perfectly balanced solutions for traditional stereo systems or a multichannel home theater system.

The Sonus faber Lumina collection is now available in three finishes: Walnut, Wengè and Piano Black. The suggested retail prices for the collection are:
- Lumina III: $2,199
- Lumina I: $899
- Lumina Center I: $699
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