Cambridge Audio Reveals New-Look SX Series Speakers for Home Audio

October 6 2020, 00:50
London-based Cambridge Audio just announced a refresh of its SX series of speakers, a range of compact and very affordable speakers that are ideal for any home audio system. Cambridge Audio’s refreshed line of SX series speakers now has a bold new look, featuring an all-new matte black finish and a new logo. The new range comprises SX-50 and SX-60 compact bookshelf or stand-mount speakers, the SX-70 center speaker, stunning SX-80 floor-standing speakers, and the matching SX-120 subwoofer.

Designed by Cambridge Audio’s engineering team based in central London and first introduced in 2013, the new SX speakers in matte black finish offer a clean and understated look that allows them to sit in a variety of spaces. And most importantly, they work with all kinds of audio equipment. Whether for those looking for a compact pair of bookshelf speakers for a vinyl system or an affordable 7.1 AV system for home cinema use, the SX series will fit in seamlessly into any setup and any interior style.

Key features in the new SX range include a new 25mm silk dome tweeter that combines a smooth and more refined sound with high levels of detail, and a dedicated foam damper behind the tweeter diaphragm that reduces reflections and helps to create a wide and effortless soundstage. Treated paper cones also provide a light and stiff mid/bass driver, delivering a smooth and even frequency response with improved tonal realism.

New, carefully optimized woofer magnet systems where also introduced in the adopted drivers, in order to deliver deeper, punchier bass with high efficiency – ensuring the speakers are easy to drive. This is matched with precisely optimized crossovers for the most neutral, smooth and phase linear response. And finally, the new rigid MDF cabinets were carefully modeled so that the speaker dimensions minimize standing waves and keep vibration to a minimum.

The new SX-50 bookshelf speakers ($199.99) are a welcome refresh of the original compact model, that is still being praised as one of the best-sounding budget passive speakers of all times. The new matte-black SX-50 is now a fresh entry-level design that can sit in the tightest and most demanding of spaces and still produce a confident, room-filling sound. The two-way speakers are rear-ported, and benefit from the new 25mm silk dome tweeter and 13.5cm treated paper cone mid/bass driver.

Next in the SX series is the SX-60 model ($299.99), a slightly beefier but still compact design. The SX-60 standmount speakers build on the strengths of the SX-50s but have a larger footprint. They can work happily in bigger spaces while still offering considerable flexibility in terms of placement. The SX-60s feature a larger 6.5" paper cone mid/bass driver, and have a port at the front of the speakers.

The SX-70 centre speaker ($179.99) has been designed to match perfectly with the rest of the SX range both acoustically and aesthetically, and to deliver an unparalleled home cinema experience when used as part of an AV set up. Two 4" (10cm) mid/bass drivers flank the 25mm silk dome tweeter, ensuring the speaker delivers all critical information on the screen, as well as tying together the sound image from the left and right speakers into one seamless soundstage.

Probably the star of the new SX range will be the new SX-80 tower speakers ($599.99) that look absolutely stunning in matte-black finish, adopting a D'Appolito configuration with a cabinet that is certain to offer extended bass response. A stylish and room-friendly option, the SX-80s are a two-way, rear-ported design with two 16.5cm treated paper cone mid/bass drivers and a 25mm silk dome tweeter. According to Cambridge Audio, the SX-80 design delivers "an effortless, full-range soundstage that captures the scale and weight of even the most demanding pieces of music, while also maintaining the speed and finesse of their smaller siblings." This means the SX-80 speakers will offer the power and presence of floor-standing speakers at an exceptionally competitive price.

And finally, Cambridge Audio offers the surprisingly affordable SX-120 subwoofer ($299.99), ideally suited to complement other models in the SX speaker range, adding a deep and rich bass extension to music and movies. The new subwoofer features a powerful 70W RMS amplifier that provides clean, immediate power for the custom 8-inch (20cm) long throw driver, and offers individual volume, crossover frequency and phase adjustment for precise set up in any specific room, as well as auto on/off detection that helps conserve power when the subwoofer is not in use. "The SX-120’s components have been carefully handpicked and painstakingly voiced to ensure it delivers deep, powerful bass that is fast and well defined, and integrates seamlessly with other speakers in a home audio set up," the company explains.

The new Cambridge Audio SX Series speakers are available now directly from the brand, and will be available at retailers and Amazon from October 2020.
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