Sonion Combines Voice Pick Up Bone Sensor With Qualcomm Bluetooth SoC to Improve Speech Intelligibility

October 21 2019, 09:10
Sonion, the manufacturer of components and solutions for hearing aids and in-ear headphones, announced that it is now a member of the Qualcomm Extension Program and will offer the Sonion Voice Pick Up Bone Sensor on the Qualcomm Ultra-Low Power QCC5100 Bluetooth SoC series in Q1 2020. The combination will allow other audio manufacturers to implement reliable voice quality and voice recognition applications that are not hindered by surrounding noise. 

With Sonion’s Voice Pick Up Bone Sensor, it becomes possible to develop hearables that improve speech intelligibility and can be used even in the most difficult conditions, like a crowded restaurant, on the train or while listening to music. Unlike a regular MEMS microphone, the solution relies on bone conduction to accurately and reliably pick up the user's voice among all other sounds. The VPU Bone Sensor enables not only high-quality hands-free phone calls and voice commands but even real-time translation in the noisiest environments.

As part of Qualcomm Extension Program, Sonion can help develop exciting new use cases, helping manufacturers to integrate the Sonion Voice Pick Up Bone Sensor quickly and cost-effectively into headphones, earbuds and hearable devices built using the Qualcomm QCC5100 Bluetooth SoC series.  

To expand the possibilities of the VPU Bone Sensor, Sonion developed a strategic collaboration with Absolute Audio Labs BV (AAL), another member of the Qualcomm Extension program. “AAL’s Award winning PYOUR Audio software platform supports a large variety of use cases for the VPU Bone Sensor by providing enhancements through the advanced noise suppression and frequency shaping algorithms that are embedded in our platform,” explains Absolute Audio Labs CEO/Founder Aernout Arends. PYOUR Audio is fully developed for Qualcomm QCC5100 Bluetooth SoC Series.

The Qualcomm Extension Program helps manufacturers to extend the capabilities of existing audio platforms with a unique set of software features available for licensing directly from program members. The program is designed to help reduce development time with many plug-and-play features already integrated onto Qualcomm's existing audio platforms, helping manufacturers to deliver new features and use cases more efficiently and cost-effectively.

For more information on the Qualcomm Low Power Bluetooth SoC QCC5100 series SoC, click here and here.
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