Smallest Low-Power Wireless Power Receiver for In-Case TWS Charging

October 30 2019, 00:45
Integrated Device Technology (IDT), a wholly owned subsidiary of Renesas Electronics Corporation, announced the availability of its new P9222-R wireless power receiver, the industry’s smallest and optimized for wireless charging cases used to charge true wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds, hearing aids and other small, battery-powered consumer devices. Unlike other available solutions, the P9222-R is cost-optimized, highly efficient, feature rich and proven in high-volume applications with major consumer electronics manufacturers.

True wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds are getting very popular as more and more mobile phones are removing the audio jack. By wearing tiny earbuds, consumers can conveniently listen to music, take phone calls, and avoid the tangle of wired headphones. It is a difficult design challenge to charge these tiny earbuds directly. Many manufacturers have developed battery cases the earbuds slide into and make contact with charging pins. Consumers will have a truly wireless experience when the battery cases can be charged wirelessly on any Qi-certified wireless charger or from the back of any Wattshare-enabled phone.

Because of the rave user reviews of these charging cases for earbuds, many manufacturers of hearing aids and other small battery-powered devices are following suit and designing battery cases with wireless charging for their products. The P9222-R is an ultra-compact, highly efficient wireless power receiver that can deliver up to 5W of power. Unique features, such as ping detect, make it ideal for low-power applications such as battery case charging.

The P9222-R receiver is ideal for wireless charging cases of up to 5W thanks to its combination of ultra-compact size (just 2.28 mm × 3.38 mm) and extremely low power consumption (less than 50mW). The new receiver is also supported by an EVK reference design with a small 30 × 30 mm coil.

A unique feature of the P9222-R is ping detection, which prevents overheating by reducing power consumption at the end of the battery’s charging cycle. Complementing this, the P9222-R is optimized for efficient light load operation to further minimize temperature rise. The new Rx also features an extremely low under-voltage lockout (UVLO) threshold, which enables fast charging over an extended area even when a wireless power transmitter’s digital ping strength is weak – providing consumers with a better user experience.
The P9222-R-EVK wireless power evaluation board demonstrates the features and performance of the P9222-R 5W wireless power receiver in low-power applications such as earbuds and hearing aids charging cases. The P9222-R-EVK can supply up to 5W power. IDT’s P9235A-RB-EVK Evaluation Board or any other Qi-certified transmitter can be used as the power transmitter for P9222-R-EVK evaluation board testing.

The extremely flexible and customizable P9222-R helps accelerate time-to-market and reduces time spent in Qi certification. The key to this flexibility is the P9222-R’s integrated 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 processor, which offers a high level of programmability and design parameters that can be easily configured through the I2C interface or an external EEPROM.

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Renesas Electronics announced that it will change the company name of its consolidated subsidiary, Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (IDT). Renesas already completed the acquisition of Intersil Corporation in February 2017, and acquired IDT in March 2019. In January 2020, IDT will execute an absorption-type merger with Renesas Electronics America Inc., a U.S. subsidiary of Renesas, and IDT will then change its company name to Renesas Electronics America Inc. |
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