Skybuds Truly Wireless Earbuds with NFMI Are Now Available

October 31 2016, 04:10
Alpha Audiotronics announced the general availability of its Skybuds truly wireless earbuds, offering an entirely new experience for travel, commuting, exercise and everything in between. Combining seamless Near-field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) connectivity and premium audio quality, Skybuds are designed to fit any lifestyle and feature four hours of listening and 24 hours of additional battery life via the sleek and portable Skydock charging case.

One by one and following multiple technology challenges, many of the promised truly wireless earbuds are finally launching. Among the first companies shipping are the ones who decided, early stages, to adopt Near-field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) connectivity, in order to solve the immense challenges of left/right synchronization and wireless streaming to both earbuds. Skybuds wireless earbuds connect to devices via Bluetooth and are the pioneers in using NFMI within the earbuds, resulting in the strongest and most reliable connection on the market. While other earbuds can suffer from disjointed connectivity, the technology used within Skybuds seamlessly connects the two earbuds, creating a flawless and uninterrupted audio experience. The “R” bud is the containing the technology needed to connect to the phone, while the “L” bud is the follower, so it works by connecting to the right bud. The “L” bud is unable to function without the “R” bud, but the “R” bud can work by itself.

Additionally, Skybuds are compatible with any Bluetooth 4.0 enabled device across all operating systems, resulting in a premier experience regardless of the platform. Skybuds include a digital microphone for phone calls and on-device button controls used for audio listening and calls, giving everyone the control they need. Inside each earbud is a top of the line balanced armature driver coupled with psychoacoustic features such as bass enhancement.

Created in collaboration with ECCO Design, the firm that works with Herman Miller, Panasonic and LG, Skybuds are designed to use the natural shape of the ear and have three fit tip options to personalize the fit. With each Skybud no larger than the tip of a thumb, their discreet profile fits snugly and subtlety in any ear, offering an ergonomic fit, day-to-day versatility and a completely customized sound. Skybuds are designed for passive noise cancellation, which naturally reduces external ambient noise, resulting in a rich, high-quality audio experience.

“Wireless earbuds have typically come with all kinds of tradeoffs and compromises,” says Jamie Roberts Seltzer, CEO and co-founder, Alpha Audiotronics. “Skybuds let users have it all with powerful function, versatility and design, without sacrificing a premier listening experience. Every element of Skybuds’ truly wireless earbuds was intentionally designed, so whether you’re streaming music at the gym, joining a conference call or jumping on a plane, Skybuds fit wherever your life takes you. Our truly wireless technology not only show the evolution of audio experiences, but also the immersive and endless possibilities of combining audio and connectivity in your ear.”

In addition to the set of truly wireless earbuds, Skybuds also come with three sets of fit tips, one USB charging cable and a Skydock, which charges and stores the earbuds. The Skybuds iOS and Android app give the user even more control of Skybuds and include setup guidance, battery life indication, the ability to find lost Skybuds or the Skydock, charging status and device pairing support.

Alpha Audiotronics’s (“Alpha”) cornerstone product, Skybuds, provide a premier listening experience leveraging NFMI technology and beyond. Alpha continues to invest in software upgrades and will roll out more functionality enhancements into Skybuds, transforming them beyond just truly wireless headphones.

Skybuds are available in nimbus, charcoal and pearl finishes and retail for $249.99 at Additionally, Alpha Audiotronics also announced the availability of Skybuds truly wireless earbuds in hundreds of select Best Buy stores around the country and on
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