Silicon Mitus New High Efficiency Switched Capacitor for USB Type-C Fast Charging Applications

May 16 2018, 02:00
Silicon Mitus released the SM5428, a Switched Capacitor Battery Charger. The new DC-DC converter from the company has been highly optimized to meet the demands of the emerging fast charging applications in the USB Type-C market, offering a higher efficiency that allows for a reduced time to charge the battery and better management of the thermal dissipation during the recharging cycle of the device. A solution tailored specifically for smartphones, tablets and any other battery powered consumer devices.

Silicon Mitus, from South Korea, is an advanced specialist in PMIC technology, and the new SM5428 Switched Capacitor Battery Charger SM5428 integrates the company’s most efficient converter with the highest output charger current to date. It reaches a peak efficiency of 98 percent and a maximum output current of 8 A to support 35 W of charging power. It also integrates 10-bit ADC to measure the VBUS input voltage, VBAT output voltage, current and die temperature. Furthermore, the serial I2C interface and numerous battery protection schemes help minimize heat dissipation while doubling the power, thereby reducing costs for designers. This allows for an efficient, safe and cost-effective solution for fast charging in consumer applications that are taking full advantage of the latest USB Type-C PD3.0 standard.

"The introduction of SM5428 underscores Silicon Mitus’s long term commitment to delivering innovation in the computing and consumer applications within the USB Type-C ecosystem,” says Gianfranco Scherini, VP of Business Development of Silicon Mitus based in Cupertino, California. “The device is a recent addition to our current line of USB Type-C compatible products, which also include Type-C CC controllers, OVP protections and eMarker ICs.”

The device is offered in a 56-Bump WLCSP package, and samples are available now to selected Tier 1 customers.
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