Silicon Mitus Single-Chip Buck-Boost USB Type-C Charger Adds Power Efficiency and Saves PCB Space

July 17 2019, 00:25
Silicon Mitus, an advanced specialist in Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC) and audio semiconductor solutions, announced the launch of its SM58IP04 device, a single-chip buck-boost USB Type-C Narrow VDC (NVDC) charger targeting 2S/3S and 4S battery applications that take full advantage of the new USB Type-C features embedded in the latest PD3.0 specifications such as PPS and Fast Role Swap. 

With integrated FETs and a high level of logic on-chip, the SM58IP04 is specifically designed for high efficiency and integration to deliver up to 65 W of power in the smallest form factors. The device reduces the PCB surface area by more than 50% and the Z-height profile to less than 1.2 mm, while achieving up to 95% efficiency while in both buck- or boost-mode charging the battery up to 6 A due to advanced thermal management. It also supports both Direct and Parallel Charging, Intel IMVP8 and Cell Balancing while integrating multiple currents and voltages sensing and OVP features.

“We are extremely satisfied with the traction of SM58IP04 in computing and power bank applications where the product has been proven to be very effective in delivering great performance and cost saving,” says Gianfranco Scherini, VP of Business Development of Silicon Mitus based in Cupertino, California. “Leveraging our experience in integrating complex analog and digital functions in a single IC, typical of the mobile industry, we deliver the first product that combines the features of a multi-cell battery charger with the full support of the USB Type-C and PD specification.”

The device is offered in a 77 Pin WLCSP package, and samples are available.
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