Shure Unveils New AONIC Line of Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones and True Wireless Earphones at CES 2020

January 13 2020, 00:15
Shure announced at CES 2020 its new AONIC line of wireless noise-cancelling headphones and true wireless earphones. The new products include the AONIC 50 Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones, a high-quality, comfortable design which offers up to 20 hours of battery life, and the AONIC 215 True Wireless Sound Isolating earphones, which employ the same Shure design for in-ear monitors, boasting eight hours of battery life. 

Both products are scheduled to be available in spring 2020 and will enhance the existing line of premium listening products currently offered by Shure in its consumer segment. The AONIC 50 are the brand’s first headphones with ANC and benefit from Shure’s existing designs, including the SRH940 Professional Reference Headphones and the SRH1540 Premium Closed-Back Headphones, both using large-sized drivers. The AONIC 215 are basically a true wireless implementation based on Shure’s popular SE series of in-earphones.

Shure’s new products are designed with comfort in mind. After all, Shure already provides headphones for the professional audio industry – people who wear headphones all day for a living – so creating comfortable, high-quality headphones with 20 hours of battery life is in the Shure DNA.
Along with the large and comfortable over-ear design of the AONIC 50 Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones, Shure is also launching the AONIC 215 True Wireless Sound Isolating Earphones with the same design musicians use for in-ear monitoring on-stage. With up to eight hours of battery life and three additional full charges on the go, these earphones feature tremendous sound quality in a small package with exceptional comfort and a secure fit for an uninterrupted, world-class listening experience.

“Engineered from decades of studio experience, the AONIC line boasts the long-term value and professional performance that the most discerning listeners demand. Shure’s AONIC headphones and earphones ensure that music lovers, audiophiles, and musicians will have the most premium listening experience – on the train, in the gym, or at home,” says the company’s announcement.

To stay true to Shure’s premium audio quality, the company’s team of acoustical engineers focused on balancing the ambient sounds and acoustics of the AONIC product line. These efforts align with the latest Bluetooth technology and codecs, which Shure considers are now able to accurately deliver adequate audio quality in a wireless format.

“Whether it’s understanding the significant role that comfort plays in choosing a listening product, or the rigorous durability standards that every single one of its products must meet, Shure developed the AONIC line to exceed the industry threshold for quality,” the company adds.

But because an outstanding listening experience isn’t only about sounding great, special attention was given to battery life and the combination of Adjustable Noise Cancelling with Environment Mode, allowing users to fine-tune how much of the outside world to let in with the free ShurePlus PLAY app for iOS and Android. This app was also specifically engineered by Shure to enable product feature customization for the new AONIC line.

Full product details will be available when the products launch in spring 2020. Meanwhile, Shure confirmed that Adam Levine, the lead singer for pop rock band Maroon 5, will be the face of the marketing campaign to launch the AONIC wireless noise-cancelling headphones and true wireless earphones. Levine has been involved with Shure for more than a decade and will be featured in the Company’s new promotional campaign.
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