Shure Expands Solutions for Next Generation Meeting, Conference & Presentation Spaces

June 21 2018, 01:00
In line with current market trends, Shure continues to expand its comprehensive portfolio of integrated audio solutions for corporate, government and education users, aiming to elevate their audio experience in formal meeting rooms, AV conferencing spaces, and presentation environments. Among many new products, Shure introduced its Microflex Complete Wireless (MXCW) and Microflex Complete Wired (MXC) system to expand its Integrated Systems portfolio.
Shure Microflex Complete Wireless for up to 125 units and 8 interpretation wireless channels.
Shure's Microflex Wireless Wireless system provides elegant solutions for AV conferencing.

Shure has over nine decades of experience delivering innovative, high-quality audio systems designed to address critical business communication needs and technology workflows in today’s increasingly connected organizations. The rapid adoption of Shure products by leading global enterprises reflects the growing importance of clear, intelligible audio to drive productivity in modern collaboration environments. As Shure continues its expansion in the systems market, the company focuses on setting a new standard for audio quality in business communication.

Aiming to empower more productive meetings and decision making, Microflex Complete Wireless (MXCW) is the newest additions to Shure’s Integrated Systems portfolio. MXCW combines a fully-featured discussion system with wireless convenience. Building on Shure’s expertise in wireless technology, MXCW speeds setup in flexible meeting spaces or at off-site events in hotels and conference centers, and ensures reliable performance in even the most hostile RF environments. Smart lithium-ion rechargeable batteries allow up to 11 hours of use and robust AES audio encryption keeps meeting content private.
Shure Microflex Complete adds maximum features and scalability to meetings and legislative proceedings with up to 3,800 participants and 31 interpretation channels.

For organizations requiring advanced meeting productivity tools like participant identification, agenda management, electronic voting, and language interpretation, Shure launched the Microflex Complete Wired (MXC) system. MXC combines microphone, loudspeaker, and controls in one system, putting a compact but complete sound solution close to the user for outstanding clarity. Easily integrated into boardrooms and formal meeting spaces, the system supports effective decision making with a range of contemporary-styled, portable and flush-mount conferencing units.

Institutions who are adopting flexible, BYOD-friendly meeting spaces with support for software-based AV conferencing solutions like Zoom or Skype for Business can further explore the Microflex Advance (MXA) Array Microphones and new IntelliMix P300 Audio Conferencing Processor. MXA allows natural and clear conversations between remote participants without requiring the user to interact with the technology. The P300 delivers a powerful yet cost-effective conferencing audio DSP platform that helps ensure echo- and noise-free meetings. The AV conferencing bundle features Shure Network Audio Encryption to protect against security breaches by utilizing AES crypto technology to protect networked audio connections between these devices, without compromising audio quality.
Shure MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphone featuring Steerable Coverage technology enabled by Shure DSP Utilities, flexible networking, and intuitive user interface for easy configuration.
Shure MXA310 table array microphone with Steerable Coverage technology.

As a complete enterprise-scale solution to address AV conferencing, presentation and discussion needs, earlier in 2017 Shure launched its versatile and easily expandable Microflex Wireless (MXW) platform. The range of wireless microphones and supporting hardware have become the industry go-to solution for remotely managed AV environments. SystemOn Audio Management Software complements MXW by providing centralized management and control of networked Shure devices across enterprise-wide deployments. The software proactively alerts the user through SMS and email when action is required. For AV and IT staff responsible for large-scale installations, SystemOn combats daily microphone issues such as battery life and missing devices, ensuring users can successfully manage even the largest system deployments.

Shure Designer 3.1
At InfoComm 2018, Shure announced the latest version of its Designer software application that provides system integrators, designers, and sales staff improved workflow efficiency to configure Shure products during design and build cycles—offline and online. Designer 3.1 provides users with a single software tool to design and commission system installations, enhancing the performance and usability of Shure products, while reducing onsite configuration time. The latest software gives users one place to design, route, and configure.

“With this latest iteration of Designer, AV professionals will be able to better determine the suitable device type and count remotely when creating configurations,” says Katie Farine, Product Owner at Shure. “Users will gain better control over their designs with the ability to import floor plans and design audio coverage and routing while also having the capability to create and reuse room templates across multiple locations.”

Designer 3.1 provides support across an expanded portfolio of Shure products, including the Microflex Advance MXA910 Ceiling Array and MXA310 Table Array Microphones, IntelliMix P300 Audio Conferencing Processor, and ANIUSB-Matrix USB Audio Network Interface. As one single tool, the software enables smooth synchronization in real-time with audio routing between Shure networked products. Users can manage device presets at a location level to more easily configure and load settings for multipurpose or combinable spaces. Device passwords and Shure Network Audio Encryption can also be enabled for an entire location at a time, making managing security settings across multiple devices easier than ever.

“With expanded support of Shure networked microphones and signal processing products, Designer 3.1 will be especially appealing to users who are currently designing and configuring Shure’s latest equipment,” continued Farine. “The Designer software update improves workflow efficiencies to make our users’ jobs easier.”

Designer 3.1 can be downloaded for free, later this year, on any computer running Windows 7, 8.1, or 10.
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