Schiit Audio Acquires 6th AverLAB Analyzer

September 20 2018, 00:20
Schiit Audio may be a funny name but this company is very serious about personal audio devices. From multi-bit DACs to amplifiers, equalizers and other accessories they’ve made quite a reputation for high-performance products in a small package at an affordable price. Over the last eight years, Schiit Audio has developed a devoted fan base for their great sounding products and for their unique sense of humor that starts with their name.

Schiit’s fast growth and product diversity created a unique set of testing challenges. High performance test equipment was needed to measure their products but it also needed to be simple enough for their technicians to use with minimal training. Finally, since listening tests are an integral part of what they do, they wanted test equipment that didn’t make noise on its own.

Schiit purchased their first AverLAB Analyzer unit in January 2018 and later the same week, they followed up with two more units. Since then, they have just purchased three more units; bringing their total to six. They’ve also been recommending it to their friends and business partners. 

"Thanks to the high performance and low cost of the Avermetrics AverLAB, we've been able to dramatically accelerate the testing of several critical products,” says Jason Stoddard, co-founder of Schiit. “We have also introduced 100% instrumented testing to a product that really needed it. In addition, our most critical development engineer has incorporated the AverLAB into his development. We currently have three deployed in production, as well as two for engineering and one out on loan to a partner."

Founded in 2011, Avermetrics is a U.S. manufacturer based in Los Angeles, developing highly scalable test solutions for electronics production lines. The AverLAB audio analyzer sells for $3000 and is available directly from Avermetrics and from distributors worldwide. It supports both PCs and Macs.
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