Ross Offers Full Standards Compliance Solution for Manufacturers at IBC 2018

September 13 2018, 01:00
At IBC 2018, Ross Video is launching a pin-compatible drop-in replacement module to Dante Brooklyn II, named BACH Liberty. BACH Liberty features a fully compliant AES67 and ST2110 implementation, complete with full-stack support of RAVENNA, Dante/SAP, Livewire+, NMOS and various other network protocols and control solutions. Equipment manufacturers no longer have to wait for full AES67 and ST2110 compliance, nor tie themselves to a single supplier for their audio networking technology.    

A variety of audio networking technologies such as Dante, RAVENNA/EmBER+, NMOS, and Livewire+, are each gaining popularity with the promise of reduced cabling, lower costs, and better workflows for their end users. Unfortunately, these differing technologies have also fragmented addressable markets, complicated deployments and have exposed manufacturers to the risk of single-sourced components. That is until Ross Video solved this problem by integrating all of these technologies into a single, easy-to-use module. BACH Liberty gives equipment manufacturers the power to perform across markets, and the ability to focus on their core business.

The new BACH Liberty platform from Ross offers manufacturers the ability to quickly plug into full standards compliance, with security of supply and the ability to differentiate and customize the control interface presented to their users.

HUGEL GmbH, a Swiss provider of specialized solutions to the broadcast market since 1968, was the first company to integrate BACH Liberty into their highly automated audio and intercom system. These products from HUGEL originally supported the popular Dante protocol and now fully comply to the AES67 & SMPTE ST-2110 standards thanks to BACH Liberty, thus enabling broad 3rd-party interoperability and the ability to mix audio with video over converged ST-2110 IP networks, as required by broadcast systems. In short, BACH Liberty has enabled HUGEL to address more markets without additional investment in hardware development.

Commenting on the new product launch, Nestor Amaya, Ross Video’s VP of Infrastructure, notes “I’m very pleased that the industry now has the freedom to plug into new markets and applications based on truly open technologies from a stable supplier such as Ross Video. The open control technologies found on BACH empower manufacturers to bring innovative new workflows and user interfaces to the benefit of end users worldwide. BACH has the Liberty you’ve been waiting for”.

"Media networking technology is expensive to develop and maintain, and worse, it does not differentiate one’s offer, since it must interoperate with equipment from other manufacturers. This technology should be easy-to-use, low cost and available from multiple sources. Furthermore, the specific flavor of audio networking technology used should not limit an equipment manufacturers addressable market. BACH Liberty from Ross Video presents a broadly interoperable, Brooklyn-II plug-in compatible, full-stack AES67 & ST2110 audio networking module from a stable and trusted industry supplier of +40 years," Amaya adds.

BACH Liberty will be launched at IBC 2018 and Ross will have customer’s equipment on demo at stand 11.C10, and also at the RAVENNA booth. BACH Liberty is available from October 15, 2018 with a list price of $110 USD.
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