RME Updates ADI-2 Pro Firmware with User-Requested Features

July 2 2019, 00:50
RME released a new firmware for their ADI-2 Pro series, including ADI-2 Pro AE and FS. The ADI-2 Pro (read the audioXpress review here) is a measurement quality AD/DA converter, a high-end DAC, and an unbelievably clean and powerful headphone amp. Based on sample rates up to 768kHz and DSD256 playback and recording, up to 6 input and 8 output channels of mixed digital and analog domain, and a powerful DSP providing a multitude of audio processing functions, the unit has been extremely successful and is still growing in popularity.

RME does their part for the continuing success by regular, free firmware updates that improve basic functionality, add new functions, and incorporate valuable user feedback. In the latest update to FPGA version 193 and DSP version 94, RME have - besides the unavoidable smaller bug fixes - raised the overall feel and quality to a new level.

The spectral analyzer and level meters, shown on its brilliant and sharp TFT display, had been available in green and cyan color. The new amber tone is not only very pleasant to look at, but also a perfect combination with any VU meter and background bulb equipped amp. To make these level meters even more useful they now have the option to look at either the pre-FX levels, post-FX levels or both at the same time (dual mode). Checking and verifying input and output levels, before and after DSP processing has never been easier. The AutoDark behavior, a mode that shuts off display and illumination, has been further improved and enhanced, and is now also interrupted by plugged phones, pushing the volume button, or when warning messages are shown.

For easier operation and adjustment, the encoder acceleration of various setting modes (like frequency and Quality factor) has been reduced. Copying empty Parametric EQ presets over already saved ones now resets those and marks them as 'lin' for 'linear'. Additionally, a 'Clear' EQ Preset has been added as fixed linear preset for comparison and to reset others by copying it onto those. The active mono mode is now shown in the lower taskbar, and Crossfeed 1-5 and all DA filters have been added to the remap keys list, raising the number of useful commands that can be remapped to the four front panel buttons from 31 to 40.

Even when the unit is shut off, RME takes care of it. The new firmware will notice when the phones are plugged or unplugged in off state, even in the most challenging configuration and setup, and always reverts to the expected state. 

As always with RME the firmware update is free, valid for all devices of the ADI-2 Pro series (ADI-2 Pro, ADI-2 Pro AE, ADI-2 Pro Black Edition and ADI-2 Pro FS), and very easy to perform.

Download the Windows firmware updater.
Download the Mac OS firmware updater.

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